Sunday, March 26, 2006

Reframing It!

This week was almost like another spring break in many ways and in others it was a very hard week. Tues, Wed and Thurs I was attending a workshop that our school sends everyone to, called Capturing Kids Hearts. It was difficult because some of the activities were very "intrusive" into my life and I had to think about how I wanted to respond without giving too much away.
One of the strategies they teach you is to reframe something you might usually talk about in the negative and state it in the positive. So here goes:

My son is alive, he was not hurt mamed or killed. He called ME< when it happened, not his dad or his Ya (my mom), which is a big deal to me that he would turn to me.

He did total the car in Seattle after being there less than a week. It was his fault. He was freaking out and I calmed him down.

He is still there, he is still going to try to stay there and make a go of it. He is trying to find a job and a place to live close to the university so that he can do without a car for awhile. He is brave, strong and makes his decisions for himself.

He makes me feel like I did a good job of raising him and he is making me proud.

Major Decision Made

Vital Info to know before reading this post: I do not have a land line phone, and I don't live in the best part of town. AT night I like to think that if I needed help I could call for it.


Cell phone dead
Won't plug into charger to charge
take lunch hour from Staff Development session to cell phone provider store

I have never been so pissed... ok, I have, but this time I was fairly, not too calm but not too raving lunatic either.

It was my understanding there was insurance on it (since the last one was stolen, I added the ins.) but they say no ins.

Ok.... options?

We can order you a new phone for 55 bucks, will be here Monday

Ummmm it is Tuesday, it will take a week?


other options?

you can sign a two year contract and get 75 off a new phone

I don't want to have service with you that long...another option?

buy a new phone

ummm can I phone a friend?

yes, use any of those phones on the display, they all work

So... I walk over and call my mom, who says What do you want me to do? and knows I can't afford a new phone, so I say nothing, and then call RJ, simply because I think he knows about temporary or pay as you go phones and I can find out how much one is. He is not much help, although he gave it his all, it wasn't what I wanted to hear right then. (He will say that I chose one of his options, which, I did, in a way, but after I had more info from the dickhead at the counter)

Then I called ATS and left a message that I was having a hard day, this is where I am, I will be done at 4 and could we go have a drink? if so, pick me up if you can, and if not, then leave me a message, but I am not sure I will get it (dead phone remember)

I leave the phone store with the bad phone, which is worthless after giving them 55 dollars for a new phone that will be here in a week. Thinking that I will find a universal car charger and try to keep the phone working until then...

I return to my workshop, without lunch and late (and as a teacher, you need to understand that an hour and a half lunch for you isn't a big deal, but I usually only get 30 minutes, so this was suppose to be a treat)

The workshop ends, I am standing talking with a colleague and out of the corner of my eye, I see ATS standing by the door, patiently waiting.

I went over, hugged him and thanked him for coming. We left, went to La Tuna and had drinks and drinks and drinks and finally ate some dinner at La Fogata (I had never been) and it was good. Somehow he knew what I needed and was there for me. I had already taken care of the situation, but he offered to help if he could.

That was when I decided I was going to give this one a go, and quit being scared of a man who was truly interested in me for me. I won't say I am not still scared, but I can't continue that warped vision of men and having inappropriate relations with them.

I made that decision and so far, I feel it was a good decision... future posts will tell the tale.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Ticket to Six Flags.... I don't know 25 bucks, Yosemite Sam stuffed toy, 12 bucks or so, but True Love.... PRICELESS

It is a new experience for me this year teaching Kindergarten. I love it. I am pleasantly surprised by my students daily, but today was PRICELESS...

They missed me, they hugged me as I greeted them at the door.
In the middle of them charting their lunch choices on Excel, writing their daily journals about the best thing that happened to them all week, and getting ready to do the Macarena singing about the days of the week, one of my charges says, "Ummm, Ms. Bennu (no that is not my real name), Look at my picture.", now this child is my most free drawing challenged child. He makes things minute and globby chunky, and you can never tell what they are, then the coloring consists of huge sweeps of color back and forth covering the whole page and disguising the picture beyond recognition (as if there were any to begin with). "Ummm... yes, Isaiah, I see that you had a great time during spring break! Tell me all about it."

"We went to Sixflagsfiestatexas." he says as if it is one big word strung together and speaking very quickly.

"Oh well that is great, tell me what your are doing there in your picture." I respond smiling.

He is telling me, while I am looking straight at him, and yet right now I cannot recall what he said. When he was finished, he said "Oh, and I brought you something!"

"YOU DID? how sweet" I said with my ears perked and my eyes lighting up...

"yes, it is in my backpack." he grinned and said cheerfully

"Well go get it." I direct him to his cubbie

Long story short, he brought me a cartoon character. A small stuffed Yosemite Sam.

"So... Isaiah, Yosemite Sam? What made you pick him?" I asked curiously.

"It was all I could get, I didn't have any more money." He said with a huge grin on his face.

"Well, what did you get for you?" I ask, fearing the answer.

"Nothing, just that." He stated with a wonderfully matter of fact voice.

"Well, doesn't he look great here on my freshly cleaned desk?" I inquire, "Thank you Isaiah, that was very thoughtful of you, but I hope you got something to eat while you were there too."

At that statement he looked at me like I was from another planet and said, "Of course we ate, how silly."

Yeah, he may be sucking up, but, hey, it worked.


Sunday, March 19, 2006

Friendships and Inappropriate Men

I am in a quagmire. One of my own creation, and yet, I can't find my way out. Actually, I just recently found myself in it, so it may be too soon to be looking for an exit from it.

It amazes me that I can meet men, straight out of a relationship/marriage etc. who think they are "over it" or "done" or "have already gone through the grief process", which may be all well and true, since it is my opinion that they bury their shit. Yes, they bury their hurt, their pain, their shit from a relationship gone bad.

Now, before you send hate mail, or make inappropriate posts, let me say... I know that is a blanket statement, and in as much that I don't like to be tagged with the entire genderizing of women, I know men don't either, so let's assume you aren't one of the men described above (if you are a man reading this).

Why does it amaze you Bennu? Why?

Well, because I have thought many times I was over my ex's, husbands, lovers, etc. and then something happens that shows me that I am not.

The latest really has me baffled... I was studying the relationships I have been a part of with men since the demise of my marriage to my best friend of many years.

I wasn't looking for a pattern, but there is one...

I have great men friends, who, for whatever reason, I have found a major flaw (ok, it may all be in my head before what you start asking what their or if you are one of them YOUR fatal flaw is) that keeps me from seeing them as anything other than a friend. I don't want to kiss them, I don't want to muck up the friendship, so I refuse to let it go any further. I have three of them, the greatest of which, at the moment is with RJ.

Then, on the flipside, I have men in my life that I use just for sex. I kid myself that we are friends, but what it amounts to, is that I don't hear from them or get in touch with them unless it is time for a session of physical release of all the stress that has been building up for weeks, months, etc. While we are together it is great, but I am always glad to leave and be on my way home. I do care about them as people, but I make sure they aren't "available" for more than it is... a very sexual encounter of the inappropriate kind.

Two freaky worlds and the likes of which will never meet.

Yes, I have seen When Harry Met Sally .... which is what muse reminds me of all the time.

Obviously I have issues, not major, I am a freakazoid kind of issues, but issues that keep me from risking myself for a great relationship. It has to be deep seeded for me to have not recognized the pattern of the last 3 or more years.

So if a man buries his shit, then I guess I dig mine up and analyze it like a crime scene investigator, trying to figure out what has happened.

Well, we all know it takes longer than a 60 minute segment on TV with too many commercials, so I will let you know what happens in the end, but for now, I am busy analyzing.

Have a great week!

Friday, March 17, 2006

Who Knew?

You're 60% Irish

You're very Irish, and most likely from Ireland.
(And if you're not, you should be!)


Yes, Walker, we can call the new man I met, that lives Across The Street from the muse, ATS for short. He is an enigma. I could give a life history, or one that I have come to know in a very short amount of time, but that would take time and could be considered invasive I think, even though we are all friends here, but here are the things that impress me most about him.

He speaks several languages, 5 Native American languages, French, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish and English, that I know of... and there are more...

Where are you Alex Trex, did you hear that? lol

He is very intelligent and yet he doesn't flaunt it, he hides it rather well until it suits him or his cause.

He has a very dry humor and is surprised at how many of his jokes I do catch. I like it when I can make him laugh.

We have many interests in common, like I know how to weave and have a loom. He knows how to build looms and has made some. I know the difference between Hopi and Zuni jewelry and he grew up on the reservation, even though he is, in his words "a white boy", so the fact I know something about it, impresses him, which is a good feeling for me.

It is almost so good I keep pinching myself to see if it is true. There is chemistry, but I am scared of it, and like others whose blogs I read, I don't know why. So, when/if I have acted with bravado and said that I wouldn't push that away with a stick, here I am, eating humble pie.... sometimes, as good as you know you are, it is hard to hear that someone else thinks so.

I am scared to risk my heart, and I never thought I would be, but I am. I was taught that if something looks too good to be true, it probably is, and this man and his intentions, as good and honorable as they are, look too good to be true, and I don't want to hurt again, when it crumbles.

I can hear all your pep talks already, and I know it is ridiculously too soon, to tell what is going to come of it, and to be having these thoughts... irrational, irrational, irrational is what keeps going through my mind. It is weird, I resisted meeting him for months, yes the muse has been trying for months to get me to meet him. I have a plan, a goal, a pennance for myself and my life that should have lasted a year or so in this new place, with a new lifestyle taking shape. Yes, I wanted someone to date, and have been trying, and now, this man has come into my life and I want to dig a hole and put my head in it... why? I am scared? scared of? getting hurt is the best answer I can come up with. I am intimidated for one... and he seems to genuinely like me, but it is too soon.

Yeah that is the thought process... and it plays over and over.

What A Friend I AM

Last week RJ took his daughter to a hockey game, for something fun since it is spring break and he couldn't take off from work during the week to do something more exciting.

I, in my infinite state of little girl living in a grown up body, said "You never take ME to hockey games anymore!" ...

I don't remember what he said, but the conversation morphed into something else fairly quickly, thinking nothing of it, either of us, or so I thought.

Then a day or two ago (it is spring break, I don't remember what day is what, if it weren't for The Peanut Queen, I wouldn't know today is ST. Patricks Day), RJ said, "Want to go to the hockey game Saturday?" and of course I said "YES" emphatically.

Yesterday, My new friend, the one I met across the street from the muse, took me out for a beer and proceeded to ask me to fly to Albuquerque for the weekend...

I had to decline, as much as I wanted to accept... you see, I have an event to attend with a friend, and I don't break those plans whether tickets are involved or not.... so another weekend, and I was promised another chance would come, so I will wait and see how things progress.

Plus, I am looking forward to the hockey game and I do have an appt. to get my hair beautified on Saturday morning also....

but you have to admit, an offer to be spontaneous and fly off to New Mexico, to go to Santa Fe and do my Southwest Fetish shopping is pretty cool and has never happened to me before... ever and hopefully I will have another opportunity...

Wednesday, March 15, 2006


I took a gander at Steve's Nude Memphis Blog today and his Holy Cow Post was so funny I thought I was going to fall out of my chair. Have a look, it will make you laugh if you have a sense of humor.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Just a bit Giddy

Went to spend some time with Muse before she is off on her California Adventure today. We were putting together a geocache for the muse to place. If you are curious look up and you can be edumacated about it (an AlexTrex word, I miss Alex)... anyway, back to the story.

After one or two TOO many Bacardi Limon and diet cokes, she decided I need to meet her newly single neighbor across the street. What? I gasp, here I am in holey pants, hair un done, very un done, and no make up and three sheets to the wind... and you want me to meet him? no, let's finish our task...

Then she continues, after we finish the task, let's go over and talk to him, so finally I give in. Ok, not like it matters, he isn't going to be interested, so let's.

He is a nice man with beautiful blue eyes, and I did kinda, in a drunken stupor, like him.... hmmmm maybe I should meet him when I am sober and looking better than the cat the dog dragged in.

He called this morning to ask me out for a day in Fredericksburg (yes, Walker it is close, and it is a cool german town tourist trap, so there is stuff to do there).

Now the positive side of me says, this is great. He called first thing the next day (and you all know how I feel about that) and he didn't care how I looked yesterday, he saw beyond it (we hope he doesn't think I am a lush and is going to get me plastered and well, we won't think about that).

The other, not so positive side of me says... a whole day, held captive in a car with a man I am not sure I like... hmmmm I just don't know...

It will be fine, and who knows, maybe it is true, you should meet people the old fashioned way, by chance or circumstance, not push it by online dating... just my preference... oh and did I say he teaches Scuba in exotic places all over the world and can retire from teaching (elem. PE) in two years? I like that part too.

Oh and I know it doesn't have anything to do with this post, but right after I posted about MR. Ice Cream, I got a message from him on Sunday... 8 days later... I am just not sure what to think of that, but I will not have time today, I am off to German town for a pretty day out with a nice man.

Have a great day all.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Purply Passionate WOO HOO

I could manipulate the aura to be blue, now I know how all those people answered their questions... but once I found out I am passionately purple, I was fine with the Orange Aura, only I think it is a pale tangerine aura not a full fledge Orange. Anyway, here is my passionate info

Your Passion is Purple!

You've got a ton of passion, but you don't always wear it on your sleeve.
If something truly excites you, you let your inner intensity shine through.
But otherwise, your passion tends to morph into energy ... which you never lack.
You're a balanced woman, knowing when to turn on the fire in your heart.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

My Aura isn't Purple or at least Blue? What's up with that? Ok, I like what the Orange says, but still, ORANGE? UGH....

Your Aura is Orange

Your Personality: A total daredevil, you'll try any thrill. You're easily bored and you prefer to be on the go.

You in Love: You see love as an adventure, and you find most men dull. You need a man who challenges you!

Your Career: Your ideal job is flexible, fun, and maybe a little dangerous. You have the makings of a private investigator or extreme athlete.

Do You Woot?

Have you ever had a look at ? I check there every day, every single, solitary, day. Usually they have cool stuff I can't afford, or stuff I don't need or can't use but it is still cool to know about. They sell one item a day. One kind of item I guess I should say, until they are sold out or the new day brings a new item.

Today, in my blissful state of making my self soft and smell good and smooth heels and shaved body, I didn't look until right now, because I am killing about 10 minutes before I leave to go see Mr. Duvall. WTF? They had a gig memory card for 20 bucks and I missed it. Damn, Damn, Damn, now that I could use, I do need and it was cheap... and they were sold out! ALREADY.... and the expletives ensue...

I am going now, I will have forgotten all about the memory card in a few hours and be in a raspberry blissful state of relaxation and restoration... but still...

I love and you should check it out.

Tickled Pink

Mr. Duvall, (names have been changed to protect the innocent) called last week, after he had been drinking. He feigned interest in how I was, but I know he was checking to see if I had a boyfriend. He was checking because if I didn't, he was going to offer his services soon and I knew it, even though he didn't say a word about it.

I met him on my birthday over a year ago. We met at a bar, we had a great time dancing and things escalated. He doesn't live close, he lives much further south of me. We got together for an afternoon picnic etc. quite often last year, but I haven't seen him in several months. His brothers have been ill, very ill, and it is making his mortality stare him in the face. He has been, to say the least, very bitchy the last few times (before last week) we have talked, and I knew it was the stress from the brothers being sick and no one helping him take care of them.

Yesterday, while at breakfast at Panchitos with RJ, (different Saturday than Mr. Ice Cream) he called and offered to put a smile on my face today. I am off for an afternoon of relaxation and revitalization. I will talk to you all late tonight or tomorrow. I am headed for a day of blissful, carefree, escape from life as I know it.

Muse will tell you, it will be the best thing for me, my "bitchiness" level is near the overflow with no overflow reservoir. (aka, I am about to blow a gasket)

Dating Update

I have been trying to date via an online dating site for two months. I signed up for 3, just to be able to say I gave it a fighting chance.

Many have "winked" at me, which is a short, prewritten one liner they can send for free. Several have sent form letters. A few were actually sincere and read my lengthy profile.

The last one I met, Mr. Ice Cream, was interesting. He wrote to me first. He was curious about my favorite ice cream, feigned some survey support of ice cream personalities. The banter was clever and interesting, both ways, mine and his. (Yes I can be cheeky when I wanna)

Anyway, I may have blogged this already. I gave him my phone number on a Sunday, via email. He didn't call. Tuesday, RJ and I were having our Pizza Buffet while his daughter was at dance lessons, and he asked about my dating life. I explained my disgust that Mr. Ice Cream hadn't called. WTF, it is TUESDAY, I am fussing.
Oh, he says, sometimes I do that. (uh yes, I know, that is why WE aren't dating, at least one of the reasons)
I flippantly reply, I bet he calls Saturday, while we are at the Chili Party. Just to see if I have a real life.


I am so smart... lol

Guess when he called... yep, you know it,

while we were at the chili party. I walked outside, talked a long time, it was light, fun, entertaining and again cheeky.

So, we made tentative plans for an ice cream date on Tuesday following. To be confirmed by a call from him on Monday. Well I think we all know my laundry dilemma by now. I asked Muse to go with me on Sunday to a place that has a laundry, bar, restaurant and car wash all in one, had to make laundry more fun. She couldn't go til Tuesday. I said, let me see if he calls.

Right before 9, on Monday night, I call her back and say, he hasn't called, let's go to the bar/laundromat tomorrow. Ok, it's a date.
I go to sleep. My phone rings at Friccken 9:40. Uh no, I didn't answer it. I called him back on Tuesday, at 4, and told him that i had to do laundry, and maybe we could do it another time. Actually, I told his voicemail. I know, not my best move, but I was already put out with his latent calls.

Long story short, I knew from his profile, he was expecting a thin, lanky woman, which I am not. He is a runner, marathon style and I could imagine (in the back of my mind) that I wasn't going to fit in this picture. However, I have been known to be wrong, so I invited him to breakfast at my favorite mexican food place, Panchitos. He accepted. I made sure I was there and at a table before him. He finally found me, sat down and things would go from strained and uncomfortable to very comfortable and then back again. He was truly surprised at my stay on the beach last summer. It was a nice breakfast but then he bolted, like his chair was on fire, something about a friend at a park, he had to be there by 11. Oh, ok, bye, enjoy the great weather.

So then RJ asks, a day or two later, whenever I saw him again, How did it go.

Just as I suspected, I am sure I won't be hearing from him again.

I just don't get it. I try my damnedest to get to know the person inside before deciding I don't like the package, not just the wrapper. If I didn't, there are people I would have missed out on completely and to me, that would have been so sad, and I would have missed their beauty all together, which is the most brilliant beauty you can ever see.

oh, other than Mr. Ice Cream, I haven't had any other strong prospects. Writing emails and being cheeky can be hard work, it takes almost as much "commitment" and work as a real relationship, so some of them just drop from the radar fairly soon.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Catalyst, or I don't want to be the Queen...

The first teaching job I ever had was in a very small (less than 1oo students k-12) country school. The teachers there were just biding their time. They thought the students couldn't learn because they were hispanic and poor. I still teach in similar makeup schools, but in a much larger district, but I digress.
My principal, who is still one of my favorite people of all time, told me I was a catalyst for change. I rocked the boat, I wanted the children to learn, not just hang out. He was a very wise man, he also told me that I would be a catalyst no matter where I worked.

No Wonder....

Anyway, one of my all time favorite songs is Meet Virginia by Train, and my favorite line is "She pulls her hair back as she screams "I don't really want to be the queen".

I don't want to be the catalyst, but that is my lot in life (do you know where the term "my lot in life" came from? I do, but started to say it to my students the other day, and knew I would have to explain it, and I didn't think it was appropriate) .

Fate or Curse

Doug Savage said it perfectly. And I am the chicken in the middle... could be walking either direction, or another one all together.

Monday, March 06, 2006

The Bitches From Hell

Have you seen that commercial about the guy in the office with all the monkeys? He says he works with monkeys, and he calls the woman who says "That's ok, I work with jackasses"....

I work with the bitches from hell, formerly known as the bitches across the hall.

It is a long story, but basically from the beginning of the year it has been hell on wheels. They are back stabbing, passive aggressive, intimidated (0r so I am told) by me so they act rude and uppity. I am sick of it.

The shit hit the fan last week as far as planning for our week, writing lesson plans, etc. and it was decided by all (them mostly) that we would sit and plan as a team after school one day a week and to get ahead we would do one week today and the next week tomorrow, so that the next time we meet, we will be working ahead.

First, one of them mentions to me that we should just plan tomorrow since one of the bitches has to leave for night class, and another can't stay past 4:30. (and why didn't they mention this when it was decided to meet today, in front of an administrator)

Well, I said, we all decided to meet today, so we should, even if we can't all stay. The one that has night class should have mentioned it when we were planning it.

Needless to say, they all stayed, we met, and it was shit.

The language arts pair did nothing but the skeleton, the letter, the book, the concept. No walking through of a day by day. Which is not a huge deal but some things would be helpful, like writing prompts done, reader response ideas, and ways to teach the key concept that are "fun" for the kids.

I was doing all the centers, so the concepts of the week had to be well versed in my head to come up with centers. I knew more about the math lessons and LA lessons than the bitches trying to BS their way through it, having done no planning ahead of time.

I presented great centers, had examples for them to make and take... AND, that was 12 centers.

Then it is announced that one of them won't be at school tomorrow, the main one for Language Arts... and that's fine, the other one can do as good a job as she did.

Then it comes back to me, one of them isn't going to be there tomorrow and they were trying to get me to change the planning of both weeks to tomorrow... Beeches

Holy Mary Magdalene Shit, what Bitches... I emailed them this afternoon and told them that it would be helpful for them to come with examples and to provide extensions for Reading Response, pages for math, more detail for journal writing and to give an overview. Of course I added that if they needed anything different or more in centers, to let me know and I would do what I could to find it.

I have had some places I worked that were difficult, but none like this. I love teaching Kindergarten, but I detest the women I work with on the same grade level. The team leader, who teaches PreK is a great person, she and I are great friends, and she is old enough to be my mother. We have a great time releasing tension by bitching about the bitches.

I know it isn't going to get better, and that I have to do it all on my own and I will, but I can't stand the idea that I have been that ostracized, or discriminated against by them.

It boils down to their laziness and unwillingness to do their best and my work ethic and willingness to do what it takes to get the job done with my kids to have them ready or beyond ready to go to first grade.

I am there for the kids, not the bitches, so if they don't like it, they can leave, I am staying in kindergarten, I love it there.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Very Much in the RED

The low down dirty truth, to be professed here and now. I have joked, hinted, and flat out shocked some of you here and in person about it, but now is the time to spill all the beans.

I am In The Red, so deep, I can't see the sky. My youngest son went to live with his dad, which meant I had to give up my child support, which was nearly as much as I make teaching. Several things had to change.

1. I had to move to save some money and gas. I was traveling too far each day to school, and renting a place I couldn't afford without the children there.

As a result, my rent didn't lower much, but some, but the gasoline bill was cut significantly. I now spend 1/4 th of what I was paying monthly.

My utilities are much less due to the fact I don't pay water, but I do pay electricity and gas.

I do not have central heat and air, but window units, which I detest and use more electricity than I want to pay. The heat was suppose to be gas, and the heaters are permanent fixtures, but they are turned off due to lack of proper parts to fix them. Needless to say, I am disappointed.

2. I have taken on more opportunities to make extra money at school, but it comes back to me in the end of May check and end of July check, which does me no good in the mean time. I will teach summer school, if hired for it, and if not, I will find another kind of work for the summer.

3. I have no washer and dryer hookups, so I must go elsewhere to do my laundry. It isn't too bad, until I don't go for two weeks, and the fact that the clothes don't feel as fresh as if done at home.

4. I am broke 2 days after payday, when all the bills are almost paid and just thankful that by next February I will be in a better place when a home I do own, (in a town I will never live in) will be paid for and I can make it through each month without being in the red. Perhaps I can find a way to get back in black by then or soon after.

Why say it all here? I am stressing out over it, worried about whether I will eat or be able to buy gas to get to work and know that by the end of this month I will not have internet access at home, or TV cable. I will have internet access at school, but there will be no blogging or yahoo email, or instant messaging or online dating.

It may make it easier to lose weight and go more natural (no hair appts., can't afford my makeup, no expensive hair products that I think I am addicted to), and an opportunity to appreciate the simpler things in life and I may get more reading done.

At least the month of June I will be teaching each day, so no Air conditioning running at home but I will be cool in my classroom.

RJ and Muse won't let me starve, I know that, but at the same time, I don't want to have to rely on them.

We all go through tough times and this is one for me. As all others, this too shall pass, but the reality of it is driving me crazy, so if I act strange that is why, and if I am quiet for awhile, that is why as well.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Seven Things


A Self Induced Tag- OMG I am bored, I got this from Jo, decided I needed something to think about on a day when I just want to nap.

Seven things to do ::
1. Inspection sticker on my vehicle
2. Clean the bathroom
3. finish my masters online class that I have an extension on and is due next week (I have no desire to finish)
4. put together "centers" for kindergarteners, which involves coloring, cutting, pasting and lamination (for me, not them)
5. Lose 50 lbs. I know, you don't think I have that much to lose, but I do, and I can, I just have to look at my swim suit daily to get the gumption to work on it.
6. call my mother (no, right now I don't want to)
7. clean out my backyard

Seven things I can’t do ::
1. sing, but I do it anyway
2. run, bad knees
3. be happy with mediocrity
4. read music
5. speak another language (and I want to)
6. sleep well at night
7. make my children make good choices (it is so hard to watch them make poor choices, but I don't interfere)

Seven things that attract me to my mate ::

Hee hee... don't have one, so I can't answer
so Walker thinks I should say what I am attracted to in a mate::

1. Ability to be clever with words
2. Makes me laugh
3. Smiling Eyes
4. very verile (no, Walker, I haven't had any jello shots before writing this)
5. tall (over 6'1")
6. likes to do the things I like to do
7. Emotionally secure

Seven books I love ::
1. Gone With the Wind
2. Lonesome Dove
3. The DaVinci Code
4. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
5. The Napping House
6. Baba Yaga and Vassilisa the Brave
7. Sex and the Seasoned Woman

Seven things I say ::
1. What the fuck?
2. What planet are you on?
3. You goober
4. I didn't tell them dick, or give her dick, you get it, the use of the word dick when you would say shit, a coworker cracks up everytime I say it
5. It's Five o'clock somewhere
6. I love you (insert student's name here), and they love hearing it.
7. And what do you want me to do with that? (get your mind out of the gutter, I say that to small children who bring me anything from a crayon off the floor to a dandelion from outside, then they figure out how to be problem solvers and put things up or in the trash or can tell me what they want me to do with it.)

Seven Movies I’ve loved ::
1. The Last of the Mohicans
2. Lonesome Dove (ahhh Mr. Duval)
3. Dances with Wolves
4. Bull Durham
5. The Last Samurai
6. Bridget Jones Diary 1 and 2
7. Already? welll then Pretty in Pink

Seven people to tag ::
I don't know seven people to tag, but RJ for sure, he hasn't blogged in forever, and I know he reads what I write... then whoever takes the challenge... have fun...

Another Fortune Cookie

RJ and I went to PF Changs for dinner last night (Friday). I was there about an hour before him and on my third drink by the time he showed up. The bartender (we always sit at the bar to eat, it is the best place in the restaurant) asked how my week was, I said "over, finally". That pretty much sums it up.

Anyway, I know it is killing all of you to know what my fortune stated.

"Your talents will capture you the highest status and prestige. (IN BED)"

And dinner was great, drinks were great and it was an early evening, given my exhausted state from the week, it was perfect.

I just can't wait for all my fortunes to come true... and yet, even though I am not Catholic, I gave up sex for lent. (It's been so long, what's 40 more days?) If you watch Grays Anatomy, I have a feeling I am like Izzy and the beast is asleep for now...

What a Week

It flew by and yet each day seemed to drag on forever... Spring Fever... I have it. Oh and Happy Fat Tuesday, Ash Wednesday, Ides of March and remember it comes in like a lion and out like a lamb.

Next week is the letter U. Umbrellas, under, unusual, ugly, underwear, unplugged, and ... well, you tell me.