Monday, November 28, 2005

A Woman's Prerogative or That Sounds Fishy To Me

Wow, how can I rent a place, unrent a place and rent another place in less than a day? I don't know, but I did.

I feel great about the new place, so here are the stats for those of you who want to come over for great dinners and entertaining. I now have a two bedroom condo, with a small yard and a pool view. I am so happy that I could just jump up and down and yell and laugh.

It is the same complex as the studio apt. (which was way too small). Built in the 50's (my fav), gas stove, wood floors, huge storage area under the stairs (yes, stairs to bedrooms), tile counters, end unit, so windows on the East, West (Bedroom windows) and AND< AND the south.... with trees right out the South and West windows, and a tree in the backyard, the parking is right behind or beside it, it is looks over the POOL, yes d.k. it is a pool view and that is what made it deliciously mine... I cannot wait... there will be invitations to a New Year's Eve housewarming, which may include poker playing... but I know that I am now, just as thrilled as I should be about getting my own place and where and what it is... I would have taken pictures, but I don't have a working camera.... and then the stealthy blogger in me says you don't need no stinking pictures, just think about paned glass windows, a mailslot by the front door, a 50's kitchen and cool cabinets, a dining area and a great living area, upstairs and down, and for those out of town guests or grown children, an extra bed. Oh... I feel so much better. And now, now boys and girls, I am excited, and with the first choice I was very wary and with good cause, that I won't discuss here, other than the title. I am dancing in my chair as I write this. But alas, it is bedtime, so goodnight my sweets, until tomorrow, parting is such sweet sorrow.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

A Room With a View

JD and I spent the weekend in a Suite on Town Lake in Austin *yes a suite, it was great. We were several floors up and had a great view of the lake and Congress Avenue. He took a picture of me looking out the window this morning as two kayaks manuevered their way across the water. The sun was shining, the view was great, and the picture wasn't half bad so I have attached it.


Tattoos... I have thought many times over the years about getting one. Haven't done it yet. Even went into the parlor in Galveston on several occasions, and found some I liked, but none I thought I wanted to live with for the rest of my life or I didn't know for sure where I would have it done on my body.

Last weekend, JD and I were at Howl at the Moon on the riverwalk in San Antonio. There were many young girls in there, including a group of young ladies dressed as naughty Catholic Schoolgirls, rulers and all. More than one of them had a tat on her lower back and it showed. One of the piano players made a remark about it and said that he would prefer a woman have an article or something he could read while effing her. It was funny at the time (of course I was drinking). I would not pick my lower back, but I do see the allure. I have had a few temporary tats that I really liked. A Dragon, A lizard, an anklet Nordic design are among them as the most memorable . I believe I enjoyed them for the short time they were a part of me, the lizard imparticular, and the application there of was intersting as well, and I suppose that if I keep that in mind, it would make me more inclined to pick a design and a place to put it. However, I can't help but think that my "window" of opportunity has passed and I hesitated. Hmmm, sounds like many things in my life... but anyway... I enjoy seeing some tats on some people, hearing the stories behind them, but cannot force the idea of having one to go away or act on it either, so I will just let it go. If it is meant to occur, the time and place will present themselves, and if it isn't... then the window is closed, and it was not meant to be.

Do you have a tat? what is it, and why did you get it? Any interesting story attached?

It's a Done Deal

New Home found.... will not be comfortable until all the moving is done... had to pick the paint first, so it will give me some time to pack and sell.

Thought about selling the kayak, but alas, the purchase of it is one of my best memories, so I think RJ is going to store it for me until we can go kayaking. We? well, that is whoever I can talk into going along.

Will have to sell many other things. Thinking about a huge sale right after I move everything that will fit in to my new teeny tiny abode.

It's hard to move. Not that I like where I am, it is just all those damn skeletons in the those closets that I don't care to disturb. Plus, in the middle of a school year doesn't help. RJ suggested the Three Stooges Moving Company, they come in and move it all, using their truck.... that sounds good.... Do they pack and unpack and decorate too? Oh my... I am getting tired just thinking about it.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

A New Home

Ok boys and girls here are the prospects, Let me know what you think:

studio apt. for 400 bucks a month- pool, gas stove, wood floors, no washer dryer hookups, bathette (not a full bath), window unit heat/air located off Basse and McCullough (guess I should learn how to spell that eh?)

Guest house 695 month- private, full house, washer/dryer hookups, huge walk in closet, completely redone, all bills paid, including basic cable, hard wood floors, kitchen bathroom tile throughout. Central Heat and Air, located in Alamo Heights.... *and no pool :(

It does seem to be a no brainer doesn't it? or does it? What do you think?

Home for the Holiday

Calgon Take me away................

Actually, after talking to Amused Muse, it isn't as bad as I thought it was.

She was unwrapping caramels to make a nasty creation on the back of a can... and it involved the microwave... I was howling and rolling on the floor as she regaled me with this tale... to understand it fully, you have to know AM, and that she cooks everything from scratch and only uses a microwave to heat things up when they are left overs or popcorn. She also has been having trouble with her arthritis, so unwrapping the individual caramels did a number on her...

Oh ok, so I can relax about the incompetence of the help at the book store and how they don't know prominent authors names and won't get off their backsides to help you look on the SHELF for a book. And I can overlook the snooty sales GIRL at my favorite dress shop and how she didn't want to wait on me because of how I was dressed or something.... but the young lady who did wait on me made a good sale with my holiday dress for the Christmas party.... and then there is my mother telling me how to drive, wear my hair, stand in line, and fussing at me because I don't have any change in my purse. I can relax now... because Amused Muse showed me the way.... Thanks, My friend, I give thanks for you and all you do to help me stay on an even keel.

Monday, November 21, 2005

A Picture Meme

Borrowed from le laquet ... a picture meme
This is how you play :: do a Google image search of the following and post the first (or favorite if you want to cheat, but label it so) result for each::
The name of the town where you were born
The name of the town where you live now
Your name
Your grandmother’s name (just pick one)
Your favorite food
Your favorite drink
Your favorite song
Your favorite smell

I did it and posted and for some reason the pictures went in ascending order rather than descending. Funny it couldn't find my grandmother's real name, had to use her "nickname".

Bennu's Christmas List

A PLACE TO LIVE (weren't you looking for me one RJ?)
1. Socks... they are special ones of course, from Prima Sports
2. New walking/running shoes, just like my old ones
3. One pair of Keds so I can wear them to school
4. New underwear from Jockey
5. Gift certificate from Chico's (always a great gift anytime)
6. Starbucks gift card
7. digital camera (mine died)
8. New pocket knife (I gave mine away and never got a new one)
9. Housekeeper (Hey, it is a WISH LIST)
10. Kayak goodies, seat backs, paddles, etc....
11. vacuum cleaner
12. dustmop/broom for tile floor
13. A day at the spa (just for RJ, because he thinks I should want jewelry and this is as expensive)

Ummm well it isn't finished yet, and I am too tired to think... it is more of a reminder for me of what to work toward than anything else... what would you put on your wish list?


1. Two books, The Twelve Days of Christmas and Twas the Night Before Christmas by Jan Brett.... (someone has already purchased two beautiful copies of these books, but I need regular copies to use in class for 3 weeks) Got Them

2. Uniball pens, purple or black, medium point.... the really SMOOTH ones...

3. A Christmas Tree for our class

4. Manheim Steamroller Christmas CD to play in class

5. VHS Tape of Polar Express to show with that unit Got it (Thanks JD)

6. Instant Teapot I can plug in to make hot water or tea

7. Hot plate for in class cooking

8. Handwriting Practice Books Got them

more info when I think of it...

OK, a Little Telling, without the Kissing Part

The day long date:

Lunch= great, food, great, company, great... just great

Afternoon= relaxing, enjoyed it immensely, we talked a little, we laughed quite a bit, and we learned a little bit more about each other.

The View= from the 22nd floor of the Marriot was FANTABULOSO. That's now the easiest way to impress me. I have seen views of city lights from highrise condos and everytime, I love it, it is just like Christmas. I could live in a highrise apt. complex or a condo... but they aren't in my price range. It was great right before dark, when the sky was dark purple, and the clouds were showing and the city lights were coming on... right before we left for dinner.

Dinner= Paesanos was WONDERFUL, thank you, the food was divine, we sat outside, the river was close, the drinks were good, the company could not have been better.

Howl at the Moon= after a small altercation of getting a seat to sit in (JD lost his temper, but regained his composure fairly fast, remember he has not had much sleep and traveled 9000 miles to see me, so I can overlook a small altercation) it was a great time... the music lifted my spirits even further, if that was possible, we laughed, we drank, we sang, we held hands... woohoo... of course we were holding hands since we met, but I still like it...

That's it... a great date, and I have been asked for another next weekend... so I am thrilled...

Is This a Break?

Spent Friday evening with Amused Muse and then tortuous shopping for undergarments. Amused Muse had me concerned about the quality of my undergarments for my date with JD... that shopping expedition took all evening... Saturday morning I slept in til 8, got up, watched a few things I had on the DVR, JD called (*surprised, yes I was) on his way to the seminar he had been planning on attending. Then I got up and started getting ready to meet him. Left the house at noon, spent a wonderful afternoon and evening with him. It went far better than I could have hoped for. Of course we still don't really *know* each other, but so far so good. (no, I am not kissing and telling, but I will say... if I hadn't kissed, I could have
Sunday morning I traversed the roads again to eat breakfast with JD, then came home to take a nap. RJ and I had planned a cup of Joe with good convo, so he called after an hour of napping, and I got up and went, somewhat reluctantly, since I wanted to sleep... but it was my idea, and I needed to get up and get moving.
Met him at the local constellation gazing dollar hungry coffee shop and had Chai Tea, yum... we traded stories of how our Sat. Night dates went... both went swimmingly, and we decoded the woman/man code of the things the counterpart to our dates said, asked, implied... it is nice to have a spy to help interpret. Then we bought coffee for my mom at Whole Foods, the holiday Celebration flavor, a build your own 6 pack and some Cliff Bars for RJ and a candle for me. Then he reminds me that I wanted to eat, but he wasn't really hungry... ummm there's a PF Changs, wanna have a lite bite? So we end up at the bar, eating appetizers and RJ has a martini (he is very picky about them, and I could tell the bartender was well versed in his martini building skills so I watched in anticipation of a really good martini for RJ, and it was. After eating, I wanted to have a really good drink, and, having never had a drink at PFC, I chose to look over the "specialty drink" menu.
OOOOOOOOOOOOOO I like the name Poolside for a drink, does it have what I like in it... woohoo, it does, rum, rum, and more rum... yummy. It also has OJ and PJ in it. YUM... and Blue Cuaracao (sp?)... I suppose to look like a pool... I ordered it.
It came out GREEN... boys and girls, a green drink is just not natural to me...ok ok , I get it... most drink colors are not natural... red, blue, etc... and green is more natural than some of them, but this drink was a funky green, I suppose due to the blue and the fruit juices... but it was YUMMY... I could have sat by the pool...ummm bar, all day and drank them... but I would not have been able to get up if I had.
While enjoying my yummy drink, Amused Muse calls, and she has finished painting her wall and asks for a discerning eye to view it. I end up getting an invitation for homemade burgers with a warning her SO is home. Oh honey, I will be nice, I don't mind him, I just don't like the way he does you... but he won't do it in front of me.
Finish my drink and visit with RJ, then we say our Turkey Goodbyes and Thanksgiving wishes and I drive ALL THE WAY to AM's house. Stayed for great burgers, saw the wall, it was great, moved the china cabinet since Amused Muse has a hurt shoulder, read the paper (yes still looking for a place) and was friendly to the man in her life.

Drove home to a house that needs cleaning, work that I should do, and this morning I am suppose to have already left for a week with my mom... so when am I having a break so I can get my house in order... .guess I will have to invent one.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Your Say and I Think

  1. Heads up:: Forewarning
  2. Kicker :: Cowboy
  3. Aggressive:: ???? mind was blank
  4. Getting ugly:: drama
  5. To be continued:: bummer
  6. Twist:: and Shout
  7. Form:: paperwork
  8. On the road:: road trip
  9. Import:: Export
  10. Flowers:: *smile* For ME? I LOVE White Daisys, Sunflowers and mixed bouquets, but roses, pink or yellow will bring tears of joy and I will melt in the palm of your hand.

Friday, November 18, 2005

Thanksgiving Turkeys

All week I have been creating Thanksgiving memoraliabilia, ok, crap, for my students to wear, have, take home, after our Thanksgiving FEAST today. The best thing we did was the Turkeys out of gourds. Some pictures are here, but they don't do them justice, they are so much more fun in person.
We also baked pumpkin pies... the yummiest recipe I have ever had, made Sweet Potato Casserole, Roasted a Turkey in class today, and made my family favorite, Pink Fuzzy Jumping Stuff (actually a fruit salad with jello, whipping cream and marshmallows). It was divine and the students all loved it (well most of them loved most of it). Parents were great help and it went as smoothly as any other Thanksgiving dinner I have done at any grade level.

But NOW... it is OVER and I can think of other my date with JD tomorrow... he called tonight, oh ladies, I think this is going to be a very good date.... we will see... lord knows I have made worse choices and lived through the consequences.

Monday, November 14, 2005

I have a date at the River Walk

Yes, boys and girls, I have a date on Saturday for drinks, dinner, dessert ;) and musical enjoyment at the River Walk in San Antonio. JD will be here, with a room right on the river (calm down, calm down.... yes I am talking to myself) ... anyway, Paesanos, good choice courtesy of RJ's suggestion.
A very nice time out on the town... when is the last time I got to do that... well, if you have to think about it, it's been too long... yes it has. I am still absolutely giddy... and that is him in the pic... not bad eh... lol

Saturday, November 12, 2005


Many things are on my mind this evening, and some not at all.

Less than a week now til I meet J.D. After discussing the situation with RJ, I am told, I may be a demolition expert. I tend to agree. So, if I make it til next Saturday, without creating an explosion, I will meet J.D.

Friday at school we had Stone Soup, after learning all about the book all week. The students brought veggies and all the stuff they mention in the book. We cooked on a hotplate and ate a little of it after all had eaten their lunch. The kids all loved it. We are going to have a great week this week too. Creating turkeys for Thanksgiving, out of dried gourds and having a FEAST on Friday. I can't wait til we are celebrating Christmas... I love the holidays and my students and I have so much fun.

Today I watched Diary of a Mad Black Woman and it was pretty good, and then I watch Breakfast at Tiffany's, which was great and I don't think I had ever seen the whole thing. Pretty racy stuff being a man who is kept by a rich married woman... for when it was made... There was a line in Diary that I really liked, and maybe someday I will have the opportunity to use it. There was a scene where the woman is breaking up with the new boyfriend, and asks him to be friends... and he says something to the effect of "you just don't get it do you? Why would I give you up only to give you the best part of me? " You go guy, I know that feeling exactly.

Customer from Hell

Yes, boys and girls, I am the customer from hell. I don't try to be, it just turns out that way... I expect service, I expect to get my money's worth, and apparently, I am a tight wad of late... or at least I want to feel like I got what I paid for.
Rick and I had a great breakfast at Gini's in San Antonio today. We had neither one ever been there, but I see the sign every morning on the way to work about how they have the best pancakes in town. I have been having a craving for Magnolia's in Austin, so in this case, advertising did pay. The omelette I wanted was 6.99 for a basic 3 egg omelette, and .50 extra for each item, and of course 1.00 for spinach, so I had that with bacon, onions, and cheese. Subbed a pancake for the bread and had hashbrowns... and as I realized that was what I would get, I told Rick it was a 10 dollar breakfast, but I was going to get it.
He, on the other hand, just wanted french toast and sausage (and I am not a FT fan, but it was to die for).
The point? I have found that when I am out with Rick or Terry, they feel the need to 'fore warn" the wait person that I am "high maintenance" and to "beware"...
NO>>> I just want what I pay for... so if you want a tip, the service should reflect it. And, if I order a 10 dollar omelette, I expect it to be good. It was fantastic by the way... I will go back there, again.

So, for once and for all, here is the scoop... I once waited tables and bartended, and was a cocktail waitress as well... when you serve a cocktail, you should put a beverage napkin down first. Every drink served that should have a garnish has one, not just the first drink. The time to offer them another is when their drink is just about half empty. The customer is always right and you work to make the experience for them a good one.

Terry and I were at a reputable steak restaurant chain last Wednesday, and the bill was about 80 dollars (yes I ate dinner, but we also were drinking to get fizzuphin (Terry swears it's a word in german that means drunk, but I don't know how to spell it, so I don't know if it's true, if you know let me know) and we neither one felt like we could drink enough to get drunk.
LSS< I didn't think he deserved a tip. He was rude, didn't use bevnaps, let me sit there over 10 minutes with an EMPTY glass more than once, didn't give me a fresh straw with each drink and .... and... would not answer my calls using his name. There were less than 8 other customers at the bar...but even when I think some one doesn't deserve a tip, I usually leave 10 percent, which in this case I did.

And, YES< I know how it sounds, but I also know that people in the service industry do not really provide the service that was provided a mere 20 or so years ago. I suppose most people don't expect service either....

I tend to expect more out of people than most people do... and it gets me labeled as high maintenance or the customer from hell. So Be It.

Friday, November 11, 2005

The Pitfalls of Chatting Online

I have had friends I have chatted with online for many many years, some come, some go, and always, always, there is that margin of error in reading what you think it says and not getting what the writer intended. You only read into what you want to read. Some friends last less than a minute, some last more than 5 years (my australian friend, who is there when I am suffering from insomnia). There is the wide gammut of the in between folks.
I almost lost my new friend the other day... and for no good reason that I could see, we weren't reading what we wanted to read, or were we, into the conversation.
Yes we are down to less than 7 days, and for him even less due to the fact he loses a day when he flies home.
Anyway, the pitfalls of chatting online are numerous.. just as you are reading this, it is the same. You may think I am being sarcastic, or serious, or not serious at all, depending on what is going on in your little head. It really sucks... so to alleviate that misunderstanding before you really know anything at all about someone, I usually try to meet someone as soon as possible... which when they live half way around the world, it is very, VERY, difficult to know the other's sense of humor, abilitiy to use sarcasm, or create a light joking atmosphere... and make sure your audience knows where you are coming from..
Caveat Emptor

I Love Teaching Kindergarten

Mr. Duvall called me today... to see how I was doing... I found myself gushing and expressing what a great time I am having teaching kinder. I absofuckinglutely LOVE it... it is exactly what I have always wanted to do... of course we talked about other things, but when I got off the phone, I realized how much I really meant what I said to him about it (and no, the above is not an exact quote, I would not use THAT word with him). Some parts of my life have definitely improved in the last 6 months... and I realized it tonight when he called... and he made me smile.. I hadn't heard from him in... oh more than a month, and I haven't seen him since April... so it was good to hear from him. He definitely could tell things were better with me, or so he said...

I love teaching kinder... and it

Monday, November 07, 2005

Love Life is looking up

It is still in the infant stages but things are looking hopeful for the most recent candidate J.D.. Amazingly enough, that is his real name... I have been restraining from sharing my excitement with the world, so as not to jinx it, but I got the sweetest email from him today. I just can't contain myself any longer.
The rest is still a mystery, but in 12 days, more will be shared, or actually 14 days, because I get to "officially" meet him in 12 days. Now I know that sounds funny, but he is half way around the world working as a Physician's Assistant in Kuwait and will be here on leave in 12 days.
Now you know I am very cautious, but so far, he has not raised a single red flag... which is amazing.

I am absolutely giddy, and my students have noticed it, as well as some others who don't know me as well.

Have a great day everybody, I know I did after I read that email.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Post Awards Day

My students were so great for the awards. They walked up, shook my hand, took their awards, and then stood in a line for recognition. Afterwards, they sat in their chairs and put their certificates/ribbons on the table and didn't mess with them.... REMEMBER they are 5 YEAR OLDS... I was so proud. They were so much more well-behaved than the other classes. I rewarded them with lunch with me in the classroom and we watched Scooby Doo on TV... the first time I have done that this year... it won't be a regular thing. Anyway, all that hard work on my part and on theirs is paying off...

Thursday, November 03, 2005


I love teaching kindergarten. This is the first year I have taught it. Halloween was my first major reminder... "Oh yeah, I am the first impression they have for school" ... man that is a big job...

Today is the first AWARDS DAY, and I am nervous... it is their first award, it will dictate for them what these ceremonies will mean to them for the rest of their lives. I am not a big advocate of "give everyone an award" but hey, this is kindergarten, they are going to be crushed if they don't get one. ....

I have to go get dressed now... you would think I was going to the Oscars as much as I have fussed over what to wear.

Flirting is so much fun

I really enjoy flirting. Not your random, be a flirt to everyone, flirting. I like flirting with someone who I have a small crush on or a large crush. Flirting with someone you are getting to know well or know very well, who is potentially a significant other. Yes, boys and girls, I finally met someone who might turn into something other than a single date or two. It is hard to tell now, but we will see... I am definitely enjoying the flirting.