Thursday, June 28, 2007

Dating Feastily

In recent months I really have had some interesting thoughts about my dating life

The muse pointed out the other day
that even though
it may seem like

and believe me,
since giving up Mr. Duvall
there has been a famine

my dating life is really
when looked at over
the entire expanse
of my life
as a single person,
as a teenager, in my late 20's
and again since my late 30's

My dating life is


And yesterday it all hit home
I was getting ready for a lunch date
with Mr. Cajun Man
(sung to the Secret Agent Man tune, but
not to be confused with the Muse's SAM)

and I mentioned to my son
that I would be gone for a date
then pick muse up from the airport
and then had another date

His response was
in an astonished tone
"Another date? are these all the same guy?"

"uh... no... there are 4 of them I have been out with
this week alone..."

and as I stood there
I realized
that's pretty good
4 different guys
paying me good attention

after the poor attention span
of those who came before them

of course
it may be famine again
in a few weeks

but honestly
here is the run down...

oh and they do not
not one of them
think that I am dating only them
and I did
yes I did
get second and third dates
or 4th as the case may be
from all of them...

ok, on to the gory details
because someone will ask (Alex)
if I don't tell... (possibly Walker)
oh and before I go on...
No Walker, I haven't yet...

Yet being the key word...

First there is Mr. Cajun Man
very much a gentleman
yet, he is
and he reminds me often
with little inuendo
that he is ALL MAN
well educated
great voice
well spoken
good vocabulary and witty
makes me laugh often
and on top of that
has a great truck
a harley
and the owner of a huge company
and likes all the same things I like
(so far)
that's the vain part
the sincere part is
that he is very good to me
and makes me feel great when we go out
YES, he takes me out... what a concept
Yesterday we had our 4th or 5th date,
and each has included a meal and an excursion
somewhere interesting
it is so nice to ride in a vehicle and not drive
and we have had great talks
and he gets it when I say "what"
and tells me what he was thinking
and when he can tell my wheels are turning
he asks me "what?" and I tell him
there is definitely a good connection there

Then there is the Bug Man
which is a whole 'nother story all together
self educated
smart and philosophical
has one small son
just old enough to go to school this fall
we have had trouble getting together
but we finally met up for drinks last night
and by the time I got there, I needed one
and he looks much younger
even though he isn't
and he was very complimentary
but a bit wishy washy
still, good positive attention
wants a second date
or the second half of a second date
(we stayed so long he called it part of the second date)
we went to a local patio grill
and had a few drinks and some chips/dip
then after we had decided to leave
he suggested we go in and sit at the bar
and have one more
Hence, the half date
I ordered Bailey's and Hot chocolate
with whipped cream and drizzled chocolate sauce
and it looked very seductive
so he got one too
and we flirted a little dangerously
over those two drinks.
Actually, I think he wanted to lean over
and lick the whipped cream off my lips
as much as I wanted to lean over
and lick the whipped cream off his lips

but we didn't,
he walked me to my car
after some wonderful compliments
and I got a great good night kiss
and the anticipation of another date...
He was very tall,
and great smile and great eyes
and he owns his own company as well

Then there is Mr. Z-Car
not to be confused with Mr. Turnaround
He is very liberal
well educated
funny and likes the
quirky places I like to go
We have been out twice
and had a great time both times
the kisses
ohhhhh they are
luscious and leave me
in a dry spell
you can imagine how they leave me
he is very complimentary
about my hair
and smile and laugh
and laughs at my subtle jokes
He likes to play Scrabble as do I
so a challenge to a game
has been accepted
He is in between jobs
but doesn't seem to have money
he is an engineer
and has had some pretty major jobs
in the past that vary in amazing ways
so the stories are very interesting..
He only asks me out about once a week
so I am looking forward to next week

and last
but not least
is Mr. Deep
as in Deep Sea Diver
and I am not going to use
a name that has diver in it
(not in the middle of a dry spell)
He is funny
is starting a great company
that has a product that is very much
in demand right now
so it should go very well
He calls often
talks wittily
and even though
we haven't had a real
first date yet
I know that next week we will

so the last few weeks
it has been a feast
and according to the Muse
I seem to be
really enjoying it
and she is right
I am..

and that is just it
I am having fun
and not worrying
about where it goes
or doesn't go

It is a change
and I like it...

Friday, June 22, 2007

Look to the Horizon

Good things are on the horizon
A trip home for the 4th of July
Showing my home town and
all that go with it to the muse
who has bravely
agreed to go where no man has gone before

don't get excited,
all that means is that she
is driving with me
to see my mom
for the 4th of July
and do some hiking and sight seeing

and no,
no men I have met while in South Texas
have ever ventured that way with me

that is all that means, but hey
it sounded really good
didn't it?

and there are some fellas
on the horizon as well
I had a dinner date on Tuesday
blogged about it
I have a lunch date today
and a tentative
"Let's have drinks" date
tomorrow afternoon.

The expectation is
they will all be pleasant
and fun
and it will be like trying on shoes

some will fit better than others
some will cost more
some are prettier
some are more practical
for my lifestyle

but sometimes I do walk out of the shoe store
without any shoes
but the ones I wore in....

and I am ok with that too

So a trip home
some great fireworks
and good friends to share it
some Nice Dates
oh.. and things
with my youngest son
seem to be getting better
but today
today he hasn't gotten out of bed
to go to work yet....

his job is not as glamorous as he
wanted it to be.

but things are looking good
on my horizon.
Hope they are looking good on yours.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Lower the Life Boats

It has been raining here all day
Not just a steady slow rain
but pouring

I got up,
dressed for my walk
saw it was cloudy out
drank my tea
put on my shoes
put my house key
and cell phone
in my pocket and walked outside
that is when it started raining
and I keep waiting for it
to stop
for an hour or so
so at least I
it is safe to venture out
for over an hour
on a walk

but it hasn't
and now,
well now I a sleepy
because I don't have
a man here
to roll around in bed with
on a rainy day
the next best thing to that
is having a nap
so I think I will go have one.

Hope you are
high and dry
or have the life boat
close by

I wish I had a lifeboat
but I don't
I have to save myself
and right now,
a nap is the answer.

Wow... So That's What It's Like

I gave up Mr. Duvall sometime back
and since I posted about it
I have also given Mr. Turnaround
the signal to Turnaround and Walk Away
and he did

so here I have been
just kinda hanging out
going for my walk
getting stuff done around the house
visiting with friends here and there

and day before yesterday
I was asked out for a date
and last night I went out on said date

and you know what
he opened doors
he was friendly
he paid for everything
he was complimentary
we had great conversation

and when we parted company
he asked if he could kiss me
but he didn't go overboard
but it was really very nice

and I know I don't usually use the word nice
it isn't one of my favorite words
but in this case it fits perfectly
and I mean it in the best way possible

now, what was really nice
about my date
is that
although he was tall
height weight proportionate
and very literate

I didn't have any expectations
beyond having a good time

we parted saying we would like
to do something again sometime

and that was that,
it was very nice
to have a date with a man who
at least knew
how to act on a first date

not a project
not a sex hound
not a non-talking illiterate

wow, I may have turned a corner

I sure hope so

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Meet Me at the Pool

Yes, it finally opened
Yes, I sat in the sun
and tested the waters yesterday
and it was great

ok, not the greatest
but still,
it was great
to sit in the sun
and talk a little while
and have a cold drink
and dip my toes
in the cool pool.

I was much calmer after that

think it is good for my sanity

I have been told recently
that in conversations
I am not really saying much
or asking much

and then I look at my last few posts
and in a way
I am repeating myself

I think it is the stress of all
that is going on
the changing of my lifestyle
that was interrupted
but I have to say
that interruption
has started to become
a pleasant one.

My son and I had
a very pleasant day

I just kindal figured out
how to
Let Go and Let God

and so far,

it is working,

so meet me at the pool
and we can take a dip

have a great day....

Friday, June 08, 2007

A Sigh of Relief

Tough Love is TOUGH

It isn't just tough for the one
that you have to show it to
but it is hard for the person
who has to give it/show it

Who would like telling their child
the things I have had to tell mine?
No one I don't think

and I have to admit
that he has been pretty good
about all the rules
but he still drives me nuts

of course he is being good
because he knows he has burned all his other bridges
and I am the last one who will give him a place to stay

he finally was offered a job
and he took it
it isn't going to be as glamorous
as he thinks it is
but it will be a start
and perhaps give him a "bridge"
til he can find something better for him

or maybe it will turn into something better too
I don't know

what I do know
is that when he told me about it
over our BLT sandwiches
I had to find a way
to let him know
that he asked to come and stay
til he got on his feet
and if I don't give him
a plan or idea
of when he should find his own place
he will mooch off me indefinitely
and blow his money
as fast as he makes it

August 1, I said
the 15th at the latest
is when you need to have your own place

of course he didn't like it
he likes a free ride
who doesn't
but apparently
once your children move out
it is much harder to have
them in the house again for
undetermined number of days,
weeks, .... we won't think that last part.

so... he has a job
woo hoo

just when he was trying to pawn
an amplifier
so just in the nick of time...

I wouldn't have been buying him a sandwich,
but I was hungry and haven't gone to the grocery store
and I hate to eat out alone
I do it
I just don't like it...

It was his celebratory dinner
which is sad,
because it was just BLT'

we are getting along
better than I thought we might

That is a good thing...

Monday, June 04, 2007

Vacation Time

Ok, I am ready
School is out
I had everything packed up
and cleaned up
on the first day,
so the second,
"bad weather makeup" day,
was utilized
with preparations for next year.

Doesn't that sound like
I am working on organization?
well... I am

so Saturday was the first day
at home,
with no school to be
on Monday...
I brought too much stuff home
as usual
some was perishable,
which is always scary to leave
and yucky to bring home.
and the rest were notebooks I need to put pages in
and they are for next year.
Then I have to take them back
but hey,
they will be ready to go
on Day One
woo hoo

now you would think
I would go to the pool
(yes, it has clean water in it,
but, NO they haven't opened it yet)

or attend a happy hour
or hand out and have fun
but actually
my youngest child
has been here over a week
and his older brother was here
for 5 days as well
over the Memorial Day Holiday
which was great and a whole 'nother story

but my youngest has burned all his bridges
with his father, who said he could not move back,
and with my mother
who doesn't trust him and is afraid of him
(somewhat understandably)
and since he has been here
he has been nothing but trouble for me.

Up all hours of the night,
leaving windows open,
doors unlocked,
lights on...

now, that is not so bad,
I know
but then he gets in his vehicle
and drives around
in a city he doesn't know
and after 2 am

the first night,
his eyes told the tale
of alcohol or drugs
and I told him
there were new
10 during the week
12 on weekends
no matter your age
those are my curfews

and that was when
he was to be
in his room
not just in the house

if he thought he could steal money from me
in the form of my coin collections
he better think again
I have them all rigged
so that I will know
if he has taken any of my jars of change or money from them
because he had taken
at least 30 dollars
in quarters
since arriving

and there will be no alcohol consumption

then the alarm
that woke me up at 2
the first night I caught him
(as stated above)
the alarm woke me again the next night
a watch I believe
that he can't find
but one that is set for 2 am
it is in a box of stuff
he didn't think he had room for in his room
so it is in mine

the third night
the alarm went off again
but in his room
and he
he was not here
I call his cell
he is at the burger place
getting something to eat

eating out for the third time in a day
when he has no job
and little money
and there is food in the house

that is not good....
and it is past curfew
not good again

when he gets home
I explain that
if it happens again
just one more time
he will be out of my house

the next day,
he did as I asked
with a good tone of voice
and we went on

later in the evening
he wanted to grill some skirt steak
so he went to the grocery store
and got it

he made the fire
he cooked,
he cleaned up after himself
and then about 9:30
a windy storm blew up
so I went downstairs
to ask him to bring some things in

on the porch was a cooler
from the convenience store on the corner

In the cooler was beer

apparently he asked a homeless man
to buy him some beer
and gave him some money for it

at least he was honest with that answer.

so what would you do?

I am glad I have friends to ask
because Amused Muse suggested I take the car keys away
and I did.

so no, it isn't a vacation

but it is Vacation Time
and I really need one.