Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Up to My Elbows in Stuff


We all have it

Big Stuff

Little Stuff

Real Stuff

Worry Stuff

Important Stuff

Decorative Stuff

and all that other stuff

I have just moved again
moved again in fewer years
than I ever want to move again
One of these days I will find
the one place that makes me never want
to move again

but until then
I have moved

Now some of my stuff
is furniture
like the Singer pedal sewing machine
my Granny Bea gave me
for my 13th Birthday
My "Doctor's Choice" bed
that I bought with my own
hard earned cash
My living room suite
that goes great with my Coastal Theme
even though
I did buy it last year
on CL for 400 bucks
couch, loveseat, 2 end tables,
coffee table and two lamps...
quite the bargain
my Possum Belly Cabinet
an antique with curved drawers
and a cutting board
and glass cabinet doors in the top
(and NO it is not a Hoosier cabinet)
Bedroom furniture that are all antiques
and mahogany finish which I love
and the blue legged table
that was one of the few things I kept
when my daddy died
only to find the history of it
was truly my mother's side
of the family
and something she left him
when they divorced

now, I think most of that
is a given of needing to move
with me

and then there are my collections
are questionable
when hauling them
from one abode to the next
like my
witches balls
sea shells
pink flamingos
serenity garden and rocks
handmade soap (a usable collection)
stained glass lamps
and more

then there are clothes
and bathroom amenities

and a classroom full of school materials
that in itself is a truckload
of items I have invested dollars and time
into in order to make my job easier and more enjoyable

but to those who help me move
or watch me try to fit it all
into a 1 bedroom cottage
it is
a bunch of shit

Now, I don't know
if you watch a show called
but I did watch it
for the first time
last night
and although
I have a bunch of stuff
or a bunch of shit
I am not a hoarder
by their definition
or by the examples set by the people on that show.

However, I am studying
the reason I have
the stuff I have
and not less
of it
although it is diminishing
in order to accomodate
my new cottage

I have been told I find comfort
in my stuff
and having it around
and I would
have to agree

it does bring me solace

just as I try to make myself
wake up
and realize
I am in Lubbock Texas
San Antonio
or further south
Raider land
and my hometown
which really hasn't sunken in yet
I have to say
that I have found
myself content
and upon reflection of why

it would have to be
because I have been
in my cottage
putting away
and arranging
my "stuff" in my new home
and somehow
that makes it feel like home
and in that I find solace


yes, it is my stuff
and I love it
so please don't offend me
by telling me
I have too much shit

because to me
shit is a derrogative term
and my stuff
all good and great
and full of grace
and love
and comfort
like a grandmother
or father
or friend
when I need one
and given as many times
as I have moved
and as many friends as I have
in other places
it is nice to come home
and feel comforted

and that what my stuff does
it comforts me
and brings me a smile
without having to talk
or ask to be quiet
or having stinky feet
or making rude comments

so yes, some days, it is my companion
and it is all yielding to me
which is best of all

so ... one day soon,
it will all be in it's new place
and I can sit and enjoy
knowing it was a job
worth doing

and then it will dawn on me
that I am 11 hours from the beach
instead of 1o mins or 3 hours
and then you can
send me uplifting words of wisdom...

and I am sure I will need them....

Monday, September 07, 2009

It Has Been A While

But now I am back...
new posts coming soon...
great stories...
or so I think...

see ya soon