Monday, July 31, 2006

Tomorrow Will Be Better is what I was told...

I hope so...

I am ready for things to be better

maybe the change of scenery

the hike, the time alone,

the time with loved ones

will make it better.

I take the big bird tomorrow,

will be gone for awhile,

and if some had their way

I would never return,

but I will...

just not as soon as I would like,

and yet sooner than is possibly best for me.

Officially, my summer has come to an end.

Today was the last day...

a deadline of sorts,

and now,
as hard as today has been,
it is over...

I will rise again, for


Saturday, July 29, 2006

All Good Things Must Come to an End


for a brief amount of time
great things can happen to a person
just a glimpse in the space time continuem
and then they are gone.

Such is my life

Ever since the end of May
I have had the pleasure of
enjoying a growth
that has truly surprised me
and delighted me
and today,

today the end is in sight

I know it will not last another week or two

I have done everything I could
I have taken precautions
to prolong the inevitable

I have taken time just to observe
and enjoy and revel in the glory
of the miracle
in my life each and every day

I even enlisted others to help me
to pamper
care for
and extend the life


my fingernails

Yes, boys and girls,

they grew very long over the summer

I had two manicures

which were great

and then it happened,

I broke one

I know not how,

I noticed it in the shower

I filed it and moved on

then another broke

and today,

today the longest one

my pinkie

showed me that it was too


it is only a matter of time

and they will all be short again

enduring the torture

I put them through on a daily basis

and with 22 5 year olds keeping me on my toes.

It is a sad sad day...

but the memories,

the memories will bring a smile to my face each time I think about the summer I had long fingernails.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

I Have Created a Monster

Nearly every day I have been going to the pool

You know, 1 or 2 pm

staying til 6 or so

anyway, today I had to stay in my room and work
and I suddenly noticed how sleepy, well not really sleepy
but sluggish I felt
I looked at the clock and it was
1 pm,

I hadn't had lunch,
but I had a huge muffin
for breakfast

but man, I was was ready to lay down and read

and I couldn't
and in a few short weeks,

I won't be able to at all...

thank goodness I teach kinder,
we get a nap the first semester

I will be cured
by Christmas

but I can promise you that
I will still be in the pool
every day after school
as long as I can

The muse said today
I was becoming a recluse

Uh.. what?

I go out in public
wearing a swimsuit

I can't help it
if the public doesn't
show up at the pool... lol

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Whatever Wednesday

Slept with my windows open last night,

It was cloudy yesterday so

it wasn't too hot

I got a decent night's sleep for once

in a long time.


well the same day as usual, almost


grocery shop

work at school

sit by the pool all afternoon

and tonight...

hmmm I might actually cook

a wonderful dinner for myself

Someone was bbq'ing last night
and it really made me hungry for some real food

so we will see.

Have a great Wednesday,
Whatever you do.

Pool Passes available on request.

*(I am about to finish reading the 5th book of the summer, woohoo)

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Hello, My Name is Bennu, and I am addicted...

to my swimming

Today's List

Work in my classroom.... check (although I may never feel like I am getting much accomplished)

Eat lunch with RJ... check

Go to the pool for the afternoon...



Go for my walk this evening...

Biggest decision today

hmmm what swimsuit will I wear today... ?

I already know I will take the Twister

Have a great day!!!

pool passes available on request...

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Bennu- World Traveler

My passport arrived today

I am so excited!!!

I didn't think I would be, but

Thank you, to the one

who suggested I get it

so that when I do have an

opportunity to travel overseas

I can take it, right away.

That little bit of mail

made a disappointing day

a much better one.

Happy Birthday to My Blog... albeit belated

My blog is one year old
well, one year and two days

the date escaped me
I have been doing good to remember
what day of the week it is

of course that will all change this next week
when I have places to be
and people expecting me

well wish my blog well,

I am off for a day with a man
who drove hundreds of miles,
just to see me

and tomorrow?

well tomorrow
I am driving to see
Mr. Duvall...
she smiles from ear to ear
and shrugs her shoulders with delight

Have a great weekend all,

I am due one.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Nothing is Certain

Broke my regular routine today.

Usually I go walking, which I did today.

Then I work on something or read, or
eat lunch

Then I go to the pool.


well today,

I got up two hours earlier than usual

went for my walk

then went to school

to prepare my room for the new year

I had some help

RJ's teenage daughter, the dancer

came along.

We worked for about 4 hours, then

we went to the fabric store

and to eat Chinese food

My fortune doesn't really work with my favorite ending

It was

Be patient: In time, even an egg will walk. ... in bed?

well if it is talking about my eggs...well maybe, but

it just doesn't work as well as the Dancer's

which was

The only certainty is that nothing is certain... in bed...

NOW that I like, or maybe I don't...sometimes things are bed

and out.

Oh, and then I went to the pool for the rest of the afternoon...

Simply Nirvana

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Today's List

Walk... did that
Grocery shop... did that
Take all the stuff out of the bottom shelves in the kitchen so the plumber can run the line for my icemaker.... did that
Buy a water filter for the icemaker.... did that
Lay out by the pool and read....


pool passes available on request...

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

How to Recover From a Broken Heart

Get out of bed

Go for a 4 mile walk

Sit by the pool 2-4 hours a day

read mystery novels at the pool or inside where it is cool

eat dinner

watch tv

go to sleep

as needed

(so far it has been more than a month, and I am still not there, but I am working on it)

Friday, July 14, 2006

Technology- Friend or Foe?

Sometimes technology is my friend

Many times technology is my foe

Today it is the latter

So today's rant ensues

I have a dead Nikon camera

It has been dead for a year

My mom let me borrow her Sony last fall
I had it until Christmas, then I returned it

At school we have Sony's also

I have a very nice memory stick
It obviously only works with Sony's

I need a camera for personal use and
for school use

I am thinking

Hey, get a Sony, then you can use
that fancy stick and the card reader that goes with it

So today, in the mood to look at cameras
I venture to my less than favorite store
Best Buy
I do,
amazingly enough
get a great young lady that actually knows her cameras

I explain my dilemma
She informs me
None of the new Sonys use the memory stick that I have

They have a new fancy one,
A short one
Not a long one

*what? we went from long to short, that's not normal :)

anyway, long story short
I have a new "cheap" camera
with a new memory stick
a mail in rebate
and 20 dollars from some online flower shop (first week of school will be a good time to send myself flowers)

and a memory stick I can only use with a school camera,
which I started with.

It is all a ploy

A ploy to make us spend more money

for things that if they made them work together

we wouldn't need new ones (memory sticks)


I can take pictures to post, which is part of what I have been wanting to do as well as use the camera at work.

BONUS: I think I wrote this entire post without one expletive... woo hoo...

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Impending Doom

That feeling that something bad is about to happen and nothing you do can stop it.. yeah

I have had that for more than a day

Then today, it all came together

First it is the 11th and

one or more of you may know what that means

Second, my youngest child is once again

in trouble with the law

and I have to accompany him and his father

in court,

in August,

Right before I have to be at work the next day

now, I teach,

how fucked up is that? they could have had it anytime in June or July

and the day would not be a problem

but no, they chose to schedule it

one day before I am suppose to be at a faculty retreat

so I will be taking the
big bird in the sky

and not eating lunch for a semester. *plane tickets are expensive

so, to work off my

upsettedness (yes, a new word)

I did the dishes, yeah I know

I should have done them yesterday,

have I told you how much I hate washing dishes alone?

anyway, now I am off to find a floaty thing to sit on

in my POOL and

then I am spending the rest of the day

in my POOL.

Hopefully all the impending doom that is going to occur

and the rest of the day will be a relaxing one...

come on over and go for a dip...

pool passes available here.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Just a little Bragging and What my Day has in Store for Me

As of today I have gone


without drinking a Diet Coke
or any other carbonated beverage

woo hoo

My dentist will be so proud of me

Now, if I write a rant or two, you should be completely

Today, well here's the list

grocery shopping
finish Gap Creek, a book I have not enjoyed at all
continue reading suspense novel
sit by the pool after THEY clean it
clean out my refrigerator
clean my kitchen

now that sounds like a full day, but you know the majority of the time will be spent by the pool, or in the pool, as the case may be.

Have a great day everyone,

even you, the fellow who sings Happy Birthday like Mickey Mouse, if you are lurking around out there.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Gone Swimming


Life is good!!!

Yeah it is...;)

Saturday, July 08, 2006



Today I spent

Today I spent two and a half hours




it is a pool for the whole apt. complex

but I was the only one there

so it was like

My Pool

I sat in the lounge chair

I read my book

I drank my tea

I swam in the pool

I sat with my feet in the water

I got some sun

I enjoyed the quiet

I played in the water

I swam in the pool

I read my book

I drank my tea

I floated in the pool

and the best part...

the best part is



So all the perks of having your own pool


paying for the water bill

having to clean the pool

having to maintain the pool


Come on over and go for a swim

Friday, July 07, 2006

A Glorious Ending to a Glorious Day

AS some of you know,
I read Savage Chickens every day.
I hadn't looked at today's,

I have been busy

It has been a great day

First my 4 mile daily walk

yes, I really do
walk 4 miles every day

Today is the 3rd day in a row that


hold your applause til the end

I chose to take RJ's advice

and jump the guy that lives across from me...

oh wait that wasn't the one
at least not the advice I took
at least not yet

ok, ok, I went for

a manicure of my very own nails
a miracle in itself
they have grown so much since school was out

and no manual labor to mess them up,
like pool cleaning

*I bet he misses that... someone to clean the pool

oops.. sorry, sidetracked


A manicure
A pedicure

by a man named David

Who also gave me a great

my hands and feet of course

my back is too sunburned for a full body massage just yet

unless it is Mr. Duvall giving the massage ;)

Oh.. ok, back to the story

This evening was spent with my good friend

and his daughter

We had a great dinner at a musical dive
and then
we went to see

The Devil Wears Prada

movie review to follow tomorrow,

have to let it stew a bit...

so then I come home,

sit down to check email from


I am not suppose to mention his name

and his initials are the same as some other initials

I am not suppose to mention...

but none the less, a very
nice email from
a very good friend

and then?

Well then I checked Savage Chickens

and it cracked me up,
on a personal level,

seeing as how the title is the nickname of my exhusband

and the blurb makes me think

of Walker trying to get his papers
to be able to come to the US


Now you can applaud

Thursday, July 06, 2006

UPDATE: The Pool Rant

The pool is gorgeous
The water is clear
and clean
and the decking around the pool
well, the decking is a cement like substance
that is not hot on your feet

I am feeling much better about things now..

I am sure I have something else to rant about now...

Like the degradation of our country...

but that will be another day...

I am going to the pool..

Words of Wisdom

Two weird days, yesterday and today.
Can't really pinpoint it
but it is like something is happening that I have no control over
and yet it will impact me greatly.
Every once in awhile I have these days...
so when I checked my horoscope yesterday,
just out of curiousity

it said:

You have control over most of the elements in your life right now,

but a few are still beyond your capacity to deal with.

This may be a very frustrating fact, but it's a fact nonetheless.

Try to look upon this loss of control as a freeing thing --
just let go and watch things happen for a while.
There is a good change coming soon
that could trigger a major turning point.
It's all about being a passive spectator until it comes.
Enjoy the show and roll with the punches.

And then today, there was another one
it said:

The best way to deal with the drama you've been dealing with is to just let it go.

It's time to get some healing done
for your psyche and your body.
The two are more closely related than you would think.
Find ways to address your physical needs through spiritual means.

so even if you don't believe in them, which I don't particularly, I always think it is interesting.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Happy 4th of July

Ok, so I am a day early
but I won't be here tomorrow
or the next day

but I will be back.

I did tell Walker where I was going
have to be safe and let someone know
where you are


here a few picture clues

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Playing Games

This post is a tribute to my oldest son
whose nickname is Gavin

When he was 4 years old, his daddy,
newly divorced from me,
bought him the newest electronic game system for Christmas
Super Ninetendo
and the game that game with it
Super Mario World

My mother, for his birthday,
in January
bought him the book
You know,
The Insiders Secrets books
to Super Mario World

Now, the child was 5, just turned 5

He learned from looking at the pictures in the book
how to find all the hidden keys and passages

I would play it with him, but he was too good for me
My mom would play it with him, but he was too good for her

For Halloween the following year,
He dressed up as Mario
Complete with red cape and overalls
His little brother dressed up as Luigi
Complete with yellow cape
(my mom made both capes and I still have them)

And that is how it all began.

Next thing I know, he is a teenager
looking for a cool game to play with friends
so I turn him onto a game I played as a teenager
It has known to have controversy, but it is really harmless
Dungeons and Dragons
He finds a way to play it online,
it turns to other games online
he is always on the computer
he is taking computer classes at school
he gets his first job working at a local computer shop
as a technician

then he decides he wants to be in Seattle
to go to school
to have a chance at a job in the computer field

He went in March,
He totaled the car I gave him for graduation in the first week
Then he found a place to live
Then he found a job
making sandwiches at Subway
Unfortunately, he is not a multitasker,
and he lost that job

When God closes a door, he opens a window
He found a cheap car and bought it
He got a job.... a good job,
An appropriate job...

He is working for


making Ten Bucks an hour

testing Video Games....

And it all started when he was 4
and with a book that he used to teach himself

I am so proud of him...

I know it will lead to other things and that he will still go to school,
and I never thought I would be saying

My son makes a living playing video games

(yes, I did make them all play in moderation, until he was bigger than me and was taking care of his business around the house and at school, then I let him regulate it)

A proud mama moment, brought to you by Bennu.

Q and A

A few days ago I said you could ask me anything you wanted to know.

An idea I got from Vickie, who apparently got it from Skye, who says it was suggested by Walker... hmmm quite the circle isn't it?

Anyway, Walker, of Lost Here and Beyond asked a question that I am sure we have already discussed between the two of us, but I have chosen to put it down in words.

Walker asked

What do you want out of life as you get older and you're kids have grown up and started on their path.

I have thought a good deal about what I want and yet the things that first came to mind are the ones most important to me and I doubt many of them are much different than what other people would say.

I want the last great love of my life to come along before I am not in good enough shape to have wonderful world wide adventures with him.

I want to travel and have great adventures across the US and abroad

I want to spend the last of my days, after my adventures, on a beach, hopefully somewhat secluded, and enjoy each and every day.

I want my children to be successful in all their endeavors and keep a very close relationship with them.

I want to have great friends that I can be a great friend for.

I want to be happy... in all aspects of life, not just one or none at a time.

That is the short version... for you know I could be as long winded as Mr. H

Then an anonymous reader asked two questions... what bravery, first to ask anonymously, but then to ask, not one... but two... and don't think I don't have an idea of who you are... I do... so that is why I will answer them.

What would you change about yourself

1. something you consider a frivolos category/superificial/something that most people haven't noticed anyway but which bugs you about yourself

2. something you consider a significant category- that you know to be holding you back from your potential or something that people have said to you about changing?

IF I could change anything about myself it would be to hold my tongue more often and listen to others, esp. professionally. It isn't that I think I know it all, it is that I question and that makes people nervous and that turns to contempt. Or so it has in the past. AND THAT WAS the FRIVOLOUS one.

Now this one is going to sound like it should have been the frivolous one. I would like to get over my addiction to diet coke in the morning. My dentist has warned me that it is part of the problem with my teeth and I need to drink tea or coffee and lay off the sodas... which also interferes with my favorite Happy Hour beverage of choice. It will make a huge difference in saving my teeth... which I am still not convinced is worth the small fortune I have dished out to the dentist this year alone.

I know, I know, not near as exciting as all of you thought I was, or perhaps not as boring as all of you thought I was. Now if this has sparked additional questions or you have one but have not asked, the floor is still open, just ask.

In the mean time, have a great 4th of July... light a bottle rocket for me.

Saturday, July 01, 2006


I have the swimming pool blues.

I was very much so enjoying my favorite pool and the company and then it was taken away in the blink of an eye.

I know, I know, get over it already...

My rant is about the swimming pool at my apt.

I chose my apt. as my new abode for several reasons.

First, the price was right.

Second, There are trees and it is a small complex so there is an intimacy factor of not just being one of the masses, or a number not a person.

Third, the swimming pool can be seen from my bedroom window.

Fourth, the swimming pool is right out my front door.

Fifth, the swimming pool is 6 feet deep at one end, hence I could practice diving off the edge... I don't care what the sign says, I love diving off a diving board and since my knee issue, I am not sure I can anymore...


First, they filled it and it looked good

Then, it turned green and had tree crap all in it

Next, they drained it, refilled it and hired a pool company to maintain it

Then, AGAIN, it turned green and had tree crap all in it

Once again, they drained it, then, right before I was gone, FOR A MONTH, they started drilling the plaster off the sides of it, making horrible noise all day... so I was glad I was going to miss that...

Then, on June 24th, yes, the 24th, I return, and they have still done nothing more than drilling rivets into the sides of the plaster.

Thursday, as I was leaving for my walk, I stopped and talked to the management, expressing my disgust as the pool and it's possibilities for helping me have a good summer were the main reason I moved here...

ok and the 40's style of things, and the wood floors, but I didn't mention those.

She said the pool would be open by the 4th of July.

They are going to replaster it and it has to set, but it will be open by Tuesday.

They didn't work on it on Thursday

They didn't work on it Friday

Today, Saturday, just as I was ready to walk out the door to take my walk, it started raining...

it rained for a good 45 minutes...

Who do you think I saw?

The pool plasterers

That's right, they put a tarp over the pool

Mixed their plaster and have started working.

I am not going to worry about the pool being ready by Tuesday

I won't be here anyway, but it better be ready when I get back,

I have shit to work through in my head,

I need to feel great about where I am, and that pool is at the center of that recovery process.

So... do you really think it will be ready by next Saturday? A week from today?

If wishing makes it so, then yes, it will...

but I have already learned that wishing for something you want so bad does not necessarily make it so.