Thursday, August 31, 2006

The Big "V", Thumper and Mr. Duvall...... a wide awake drunk post

Sunday I had the best time
with Mr. Duvall

He is really so good to me

He is honest

He is caring

He takes my wants and needs into consideration.

He even had a gift for me...

I had a gift for him too

I was wearing it

Remember a few weeks back
I went to Victoria's Secret
when I got stood up for a date
and bought new bras...

well I had one of them on

lacy demi with embroidered pink daisies
that you could see through the petals....

he was in too big of a hurry
it was off before he really had a chance to see

but I told him it was ok,
he could see it when I put it back on

After I explained that I wore it just for him

He told me

Next time

Don't wear one

and I LAUGHED...hee hee hee

and he gave me a tshirt from a fishing tournament

he had been to

so nex time that is what I am going to wear,


the fuss of undergarments.... hee hee hee

(sorry walker, still no pictures...not that


The muse and I had plans all week

to go to the Big V or VFW


I needed a drink after the week I have had

and the freaky shit that has been going one

(you know what I mean)

So I went and picked her up

and we went for Chinese Food

Pei Wei


and my fortunes (yes, I picked up two)


You combine good tase with a quick mind.... in bed (yeah I do :))


The constructive use of riches is better than their bed (yeah it is :) )

a great meal,

great company

and two great fortunes...

it is going to be a great night


we walk out

and my phone rings

It is the theme from
The Lone Ranger

which tells me it is

Mr. Duvall

He asks

"Hey, what are you doing?"

"Just ate dinner and we are on our way to the Big V, what are you doing?"

"Just left the Big V"

Oh man I laughed

He was drinking and thinking of me

so he called

that was great

"This isn't your normal night for going to the VFW, is it?" he inquired

"UH... No, just mixing it up a bit"

and then our usual conversation...

he has his daughter and grandbaby in town this weekend, so no Mr. Duvall for me....

But he was thinking about me,
and he called

and he gave me a tshirt to wear
the next time I see him

and well, there is always the "boo boo"
I have from last Sunday
on the top of my right foot

that has earned me the nickname


with the muse

the hand movement to go with the nickname

is enough to make you laugh until

lets' just put it this way,
in my favorite position
it is hard to walk away without
a reminder for a couple of days or a week
but I never had one on top of my foot before

usually my knees....

Friday couldn't get here fast enough this week

Have a great weekend... I have a great one lined up....

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Want a Hummer? ... YEAH I DO!!!!

I had a meeting after work today
As most meetings
It wasn't worth the time I spent driving to it
Sitting in it
and it certainly wasn't worth
the time it took me to get home after it.
A drive that should have taken 5 minutes

at rush hour took 30 minutes
so I have the music cranked up as usual
and the sun roof open
with the AC on high
rocking out
as I sit in snail paced traffic
finally it occurs to me
the vehicle in front of me
is a Hummer

woo hoo
when they first came out
they were my dream car
I mean, if you know me
I am a utilitarian
It can drive through rivers,
lakes, mud, sand and
over most anything
which, in a road rage situation
is ideal (insert evil laugh here)
Anyway, I loved them for many years
then I had the opportunity to sit in one
a couple of years ago

and then I knew I could never have one

It wasn't comfortable at all for me...

Today, I sat in my vehicle behind a hummer
ever since I knew I couldn't have one
I haven't paid much attention
and then I thought...

I don't want a hummer

OH WAIT *evil smile and dirty mind
YEAH I DO want a Hummer
and I had a great laugh
at my own little joke,
hey, it is better than
getting uptight in traffic
when you can't do anything about it

* to understand this post you have to know why I want a "hummer" so just think about it and you will get it, if you don't already....

oh and....

It rained at my house tonight....

hee hee hee

Monday, August 28, 2006

Right VS Happy

Would you rather be RIGHT?
Would you rather be HAPPY?

There was a time
I was so stubborn
I would argue with a fence post
Just to be right.

I have found out
That I cannot handle
Conflict the way I once could

So now,

Even if I feel like I am right
And the other person is wrong
I concede that we do not agree
And I am welcome to my opinion
And they are welcome to theirs
And we
DON’T have to agree….

I would rather have peace and be happy
Than feel like I am battling with someone

Either someone I love
Or someone I have to work with
Or someone I no longer have in my life.

I remember a time when I could recall
Every detail of what someone did
To piss me off
Or something I thought they had done
To wrong me or hurt me…

I can still do the recalling,
But now I don’t see the point in telling them
Over and over and over

They know it
I don’t have to remind them
I just have to let them know
How it makes me feel
When they chose to do whatever is
Aggravating me
They have the choice of changing
Or not

But at the same time
They can do the same
I don’t want to hurt the people I love
I want to know how they feel

And if I am doing something
That is hurting them
I want to know
So I can choose how to adjust
What I do
Or how I do it.

Mr. Beamer expressed
That he would like for me
To leave a message
When I call
Rather than just hanging up
When he doesn’t answer the phone

So I do, even though I don’t really want to.
I just say
I am leaving a message
Because you like me to
Just letting you know
I was thinking of you
And wanted to finalize
Blah blah blah plans
Or whatever it is

Not that I call him that much
But one day I called twice
And could tell he was on his cell phone
So I didn’t leave a message.

Not a problem, said it
In a friendly and upbeat voice
And he called me back later.

No big deal, and he appreciated the effort.

So would you rather be RIGHT
Would you rather be HAPPY?

I would rather be happy….

Latest Fortune Cookie Fortune

From Saturday evening
at PF Changs
with RJ

You deserve to discover new frontiers .... in bed

Sunday, August 27, 2006

I Have Been Outwalked by a Dog...

Yesterday I kept myself busy all day
First the walk
Mr. Beamer went with me
Of course that affected my pace
but that was fine
because I hadn't walked
for a few days

I spent some time at the pool
but it wasn't as good as usual
I couldn't calm down enough
to enjoy it

I took RJ to the movies
we saw Invincible
the story of Vince Papale
It was great
and inspiring

Then he took me across the parking lot
to PF Changs
and we found the only two empty seats
at the bar
The bartender remembered me
even though the last time I sat at the bar
was with RJ, back in March or so...
and he had my poolside ready
umbrella and all
the calamari and lettuce wraps were great
and the company was too
we laughed and caught up
on what was going on in our lives
He is so happy
with his girlfriend (I introduced them)
and I am so happy for him
He is my rock
and he treats me so well as a friend.

Then he brought me home and
the muse and I went out
to a local hotspot
listened to some great Jazz/Blues
and drank way too much

I had no trouble sleeping
and I even slept late

I got up, with my head pounding
put on my shorts and
went for my walk

My walk was kicking my ass
and then I heard a
jingling sound behind me
so I turned around to see
and there was a dog
a beagle
being walked by a man
I continued to walk
keeping my pace
and the man
with the dog ended up
passing me

He said Hello
and asked how I was doing

I just got outwalked by a dog

was all I could say

when I wanted to say
I am hung over
I haven't walked enough this week
and I have something weird
keeping me from being at peace today

but I didn't want to admit those things

he laughed
and then I continued walking

and now I am going to take
some ibuprofen
and drive south to see Mr. Duvall

I need an attitude adjustment

Friday, August 25, 2006

The END of the WEEK and the WEEKEND

The first week

I almost forgot what it was like

When I went back through my journal
and saw what the first week was like
last year


this year is better
much better

but it sure didn't feel like it...

I was exhausted each and every day

I was ready to walk out the door every afternoon

I could hardly stand to bring anything work related home

and I have slept so well all week

due to pure exhaustion

now, I know

you are saying

it could be because I was entertaining Mr. Beamer on Tuesday

and I was

but no, actually
Wednesday was one of the best

of course that could be from all
the extra adrenaline
or Dopamine running through my body

or it could be that I had a
wake up call I prefer to the alarm ;)

Anyway, it is over,

and next week things will improve immensely

THE WEEKEND? you ask....

Tonight Mr. Beamer is coming to town
Drinks at the Muse's and then dinner somewhere "nice"

He is bringing the car,
I haven't seen his car, but I know what it is
and it is one of my favorite cars...

Saturday is
breakfast at Chez Bennu
and then the walk
some time at the pool
and tomorrow evening
a night on the town with the Muse

Sunday is
work I brought home
and the afternoon with

who else do I reserve Sunday afternoons for?

Mr. Duvall of course

He called today
and even though we will
wait for the confirmation call tomorrow,
all is good...
if something comes up and he can't make it
the pool is still

I have just a bit of time
before I start getting ready for tonight
and I think I will take a cat nap
See Ya Later
Have a great weekend....

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Happy Happy Happy Dance

In the last week
I have had several

Not one
or two
or three

but several
people tell me
I seem really happy

at least compared to
the state I was in
from April
to the end of July

I can tell the difference
and much of it
came from me taking care
of myself
and repairing the damage
that had been done

Then there are men
who are paying me

and being honest with me

and it has restored
my thought that
Not all men are
and not all the men
I attract

and Mr. Beamer
as honest as he is
I am very much enjoying
all the flattering comments
he has made

He leaves me speechless at times
which is fine
because then I can just kiss him
and he "gets it"

Another great date last night
I made killer chef salad
we ate
rode the cycle
to get some yogurt
(not frozen, see Passion blog)
and then
went for a dip in the pool
which was


*she blushes

you know

and then we had a great night together

He even helped me with some school stuff

which is a huge turnon for me

and it paid

I must go to work now...

have a great day all...

I will!!!!

Monday, August 21, 2006

My Big Day

Well, it all started

The muse came over
and sat by the pool with me

after I had carried out the trash
washed my laundry
and grocery shopping

We had the rum flowing
and were laughing so hard at times
I thought I would bust a gut
(yes that is a southern term)

She went to eat dinner with me
at my new favorite Mexican Food place
Cochita de Mexico

and sat in my front yard afterwards
as I set up my new Tiki Torches
(1.99 at Home Depot)

Then when I came in the house
there was a wonderful
voicemail message
from Mr. Beamer

wishing me a great day
today (Monday) as my first full day
with children (22 5 year olds)
and that he
missed me

and even as I write that
I am smiling
I finally have a good voicemail
to play over and over

I slept like a baby
woke up briefly at 4
but went back to sleep

woohoo it is a miracle
but it was a great night of sleep

Then this morning
Mr. Duvall called
to wish a good start
and make tentative plans
for next Sunday

He asked about the weekend too
and if my tan lines were enhanced
*yeah they are...

and the day began
I talked non stop all day
it seemed
I didn't sit down
except to read a book to them

I ate lunch standing up
opening milks
and reminding children to eat

we sang
and played
and wrote out our classroom agreement
and we all

every one of us

got fussy before the day was over

but then it was
and I regrouped

got a voicemail from the muse
reminding me
I was planning on getting
a pedicure and my nails done today

I needed that reminder

I have beautiful purple toenails
and have had bbq for dinner

Now it is bedtime
but I brought some work home to do

I have talked to Mr. Beamer
we have an evening planned for tomorrow
so I must prepare to get
nothing done
except him tomorrow

so I am off


oh and no, I didn't walk my evening walk
I think I overcompensated at work
and tomorrow

well tomorrow, I may overcompensate at home.... lol

It is so nice to have nice men paying good, positive attention, so yes Vickie, things are looking up and I am too.... life is too short not to have fun...

Saturday, August 19, 2006

DATE Update

You know ladies
when you were a teenager
and you had a great date
with a new guy
and you went home
and called your girlfriend
and told her all about
how wonderful your date was?

That is how I feel tonight
but I know the Muse
has already gone to bed
so here I am
and you
my dear readers
are my connection
to someone hearing how great my date was

I liked him the minute I saw him
He opened all the doors
did the chair thing
in the restaurant
shared dinner
he got one dinner
that we both thought sounded good
and I got the CFS

We had great drinks
served in mixing tumblers
with strainers
and he poured all my drinks

the conversation was great
he was very personable
and made me laugh

then we went to hear some live music
across the street
from the restaurant

He has made it clear
he wants to see me
and I feel the same

He was a perfect gentleman
even when it came to the
good night kiss

and even though he has
a drive, 40 plus minute drive
to his "ranch"
(and no, he isn't a cowboy)
he never even hinted
at staying with me

but let me tell you ladies
if he had, I probably would
have jumped him
in a New York Minute

I have an open invitation
to sunbathe
next to his pool anytime

and now I have a great excuse
to drive North

to see Mr. Firestarter

*yeah he is...
and not only my fire
but he told
a hilarious story
of joining the
volunteer fire dept.
only to start a huge fire on the ranch
within a few days...

we both like
live music
live sports (UT season ticket holder)
and weekend travel

I had a great time
and if it is never anything more
It is ok

I had fun tonight....


ok, now that is out of my system,
I am going to bed
I have a big day by the pool tomorrow
have to get my rest

I have a DATE


this isn't Mr. Beamer...

this is the last guy from the experiment.
He was out of country
when I was meeting all the others
from the experiment


an evening of my choice
where ever I would like to hang out...


did you bring your swim suit?

No really
we are going to dinner
I am going to have
Chicken Fried Steak
with Jalapeno gravy
and all the fixin's
and I 'magine
I will have a drink or two as well

then we will be stopping off
to hear some Jazz music

His nickname is still to be determined

but what I do know
is that he has a pool
and he is polite on the phone

and that is about it...

update tomorrow

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Fantabuloso Evening


A decent date
not just a
decent date

A most wonderful one

It started with a walk
I was hoping to have a full walk
but there wasn't time for that

He arrived on the motorcycle
and parked right in my backyard

It was a big thing
for me to share
the location
of my abode

I don't do that easily

After walking
we sat down out front
and he grabbed my foot
and took my shoe off
and sock off

and in my mind I was wondering
well, I won't go there just yet

then I got a most
wonderful foot rub
not just on one foot
but both

Uhhhh my mind was jelly
I expressed that
I wasn't thinking of food
or dinner
and as far as I was concerned
I could sit right there
and enjoy the attention
and the foot rub

But yeah, I gave in
and we rode the cycle
to my favorite burger joint

I know
I know
I said we were going to PF Changs

but I wanted to be able
to go swimming after dinner
and I wanted a ride
on his cycle

which I remember from the past
as being so much fun

so we drove the scenic route
to have a burger
and great conversation

then we returned to have
a wonderful late night swim

I have been sitting by the pool
all summer

but this evening
I saw the pool in a
whole new light

I also saw
a great man standing
in front of me

He was very complimentary
and affectionate

He didn't ask
any of the horrible questions
that the men of late
have asked

He is coming to see me
again next week
and I invited him
to a little get together
called First Friday

and (she grins)
he accepted

He is very intuitive

and even though
we met over
three years ago
and went out a couple of times
I wasn't ready then
to give him a chance

Now I am

I found myself
just as nervous
about a first kiss
as I always am

and trust is an issue
esp. after Mr. ATS

but I didn't hesitate
I didn't question it
I didn't wonder whether or not
I should pursue it

I just enjoyed it
I enjoyed him

and I am looking forward
to seeing him again

And he has expressed
that he is looking forward to it too...

Oh, and he asked me
to join him
on his sailboat
for Labor Day Weekend

ding ding ding ding ding

and I may just do it....

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Beam Me Up Scotty

Mr. Beamer, as in
is taking me for a walk
dinner at PF Changs
and a ride
on his BMW cycle
tomorrow night

Woo Hoo...

I haven't seen him in 3 years...
we just went out a few times

I really liked him,
but he was covered up in women
and I wasn't into waiting in line

Hey, we all know I have no patience

well I have to go clean up my bedroom now...


Goodnight all

oh and remember the pool passes are still available
I am not a fair weather friend
or neighbor

Monday, August 14, 2006

A Dangerous Combination

Today was my first day back at work

I had been asked to help present some content
to the entire staff
I worked with another peer to prepare and present

Our presentation,
1 of 3 of the day
was the best

all day people said

You look so great today
(I was dressed to the Nines)

That was a great Presentation

You have a great tan

Your hair looks great, you should keep it that way

And I had a great day

Then The Muse and I

went to the BIG V

so now I have been


Blogging after Drinking

when I should be sleeping

but I can't because
I drank....
(insert gasp here)

Diet Coke and Coconut Rum

So a

Wide Awake Drunken Blogger
I do make...

So here is the skinny of what is

REALLY on my mind

I had a date on Saturday
with the German

ummmm he stood me up

yep, I know, hard to believe
after all those wonderful comments above
I know you are thinking
Wow what an idiot
She is smart
has great hair
can speak in front of others
according to Mr. Duvall

well we wont go there right now

What stupid fuck up
would not show up for a date

Well boys and girls
It isn't the first time
and it
won't be the last

but yeah
so I walked across the parking lot
from the restaurant
where we were suppose to meet
Saturday night
and went shopping

yeah that's right


Me, who hates to shop

Went shopping

for? for? you ask?

I know the suspense is killing you


I wanted new



that fit, so Victorias Secret

was there, taunting me

to walk in and

see what I could see

so I did....


I might not can afford

shampooo or groceries

but 'xpensive bras

to turn a man's head

uhhhh yeah, I have a charge card

and I wasn't even drinking that

Then of course,

I felt all better and

went home and ate a Lean Cuisine


Then Sunday

I went to see Mr. Duvall

and felt

(she grins an evil grin)

mucho gracias better

He is so good to me

We swapped recipes

and advice

and spit

and...well this is my PG blog

so see Bennu2 or Concupicent
to see if I will give any more details

Needless to say

Attitude is Adjusted

That's right Vickie

Sorry I can't send a clone your way

And for no more than what that relationship is

which is purely physical

it is the best one I have at the moment

By Best One

I mean MAN

He is honest,

He is thoughtful

He is caring

but unfortunately, I know

and am reminded often

It will never be more

and so the question is...

Is it ok?

Is it enough?

Is it keeping me from other possibilities?

Yeah, it is ok

It is enough, due to the fact, I knew what it was before I started

It may keep me from other possibilities,

simply because

he has become the yardstick
(no pun intended, but it did make me laugh when I wrote it)

that I measure others by

and let's face it

He is old school,

He is strong enough to lead

He has balls to say what is and what isn't

and no one may ever measure up

but then again

I tend to wish for
what is unattainable

or have

Unrealistic Expectations

or expect a white knight

Those Fucking Fairy tales did me absofuckinglutely


so in the mean time

Mr. Duvall fills a void
as I do for him as well

but it isn't what or who I would like

but until he shows up

with flowers

a letter professing his feelings

and ready to truly talk to me

Mr. Duvall will have to do....

but I will still always hold out
for the


and others may say

they don't believe

but guys,

we all do...

I want my fairy tale

and whether in this life or another

I think it will happen...

Yeah, drinking, being wide awake and blogging is dangerous

But so is dating

And I am so tired of it

but you know what they say

you have to kiss abunch of frogs....
to find that one that melts your toes
with the touch of his lips

Thursday, August 10, 2006

I Hate My Cell Phone

For the second time
in less than 6 months
my cell phone stopped
letting the charger
recharge the battery

For the second time
in less than 6 months
I spent a great deal
of time (that I would spent at the pool)
in a Cell phone provider store

For the second time
in less than 6 months
I have a new cell phone

For the second time
in less than 6 months
I have lost all phone numbers

and now I have also lost
all text messages
and some of them
I was not ready to lose

It is hard watching
things you want to keep
or remember
or hold on to
slip away over time
and yet

it is true that
things change with time
and sometimes
I am ready for the change
and sometimes I am

Like a child
not wanting
to part with their
security blanket

I found myself
wishing I didn't
have to lose all
that was in
a stinking
electronic device
that I rely on
every minute of the day...
and yet, it was time
to let it go,
even though I still wish I hadn't.

On the other hand,
I was much more calm
and able to attend
to the task
with out an SOS
call and
no advice from others
regarding how I should
handle it...

I guess God wanted me
to let some things go
take care of myself
without calls for help

and I did...

but I still hate
my cell phone

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

A Futile Lesson in Patience

In early July
I was informed
by certified letter
that my presence was
on Monday, August 7, 2006
in a courtroom
550 miles from my home


I made plans to be in the area
for a WEEK
so my mom and I
could make a trip
to New Mexico
to shop for some
new jewelry
to go with some I have
and hopefully
have a cool night or two
and some great drives
and talks...

I buy the pricey plane ticket
I call and tell her
that I have made the plans

then she squelches it
saying she didn't want to go
so here I am
with a week just hanging out
which is fine
but a bit disappointing

esp. given how that keeps happening to me

so I had a bad three days
before I went
I felt it was just not going to be
the trip I would want it to be
and the timing
with my classroom calling my name
to work and prepare
so next week won't be so bad

I even made sure I could fly home
on Monday, the 7th
so I could be at work
on the 8th, so my principal
wouldn't look down her nose at me
even though it is an "optional" day
and the official first day is next Monday

RJ took me to the airport
Everything getting there is flawless
and uneventful

my time there, although stressful
at times
is good
seeing family
having good talks with my mom
hiking with my son
(I know I fussed, but really
we had great fun)
and even riding horses

Then... Friday afternoon
the call comes
My son's father informs me
that the court date has been....
and all is forgotten
and apparently forgiven

So... a week
at home
at the cost of a ticket
the worst possible week of the summer

God is trying to teach me patience
I just know it...

So Monday finally arrives
Mom drives me to the airport
I have had a horrible day
Woke up knowing something was not right
but not sure what it was

I was moody, fussy, and
downright bitchy...

then I walk into the airport
to find
that my flight,
which is suppose to be in
2 hours
is delayed for tw0
more hours...
my connecting flight
will be long gone
so I will have to stay in
DALLAS overnight
and fly out at 6:30 am
on Tuesday and then go
to work
or fly to Austin
but how will I get home from there....

Long Story Short
I begged a ride with a woman
who talked her husband
into driving from SA
to Austin to get her
and her daughters,
so I flew to Austin
from Dallas with them
and then rode home.
Got to bed at 3 am
got up at 6:30 to go to work...

Needless to say, I did drink
3 diet cokes
come on folks the stress was killing me

and all that time in the airports
I had no reading material
(had checked both bags, thinking
I would not lug one around

on the connecting flight in the airport)

So I had a great deal of time
to think about
what the lesson God
could have possibly meant
for me to glean
from this experience

and all I can come up with is
since it is really the lesson
I need to learn

but I believe it is futile
but time
time will tell
time heals all wounds
time flies when your having fun
time to go....

Monday, August 07, 2006

Happy Birthday Cake to Me


Where's My Dopamine?

When planning my trip back home to visit
my mother asked

is there anything special you would like me to make?
like Banana Pudding

but my reply was simple

but complex

(well if you know me,
you would understand)

I would like a birthday cake
just like Granny Bea (my dad's Mom)
made me when I was little....
was my reply

Granny Bea always cooked
my favorite meal
and baked me a chocolate cake

the odd thing about this request?

Your birthday isn't for nearly 6 more months
she retorted

I don't want to celebrate my birthday
I just want my cake, because there won't
be anyone around to bake it for me then...
and even though I like a good chocolate cake
I want one like Granny Bea made

which is my all time favorite

so she looked it up,
it is a hot water chocolate cake
from scratch
and she and I both baked it
on Wednesday
and today I ate the last piece

so I have had my birthday cake
and a dopamine fix
but i am sure
I have gained a pound or two
even with the walks
and hiking
and horseback riding

but it was wonderful
and I won't have another one


I want that instead of pumpkin pie

I mean,
if you give up desserts
when you splurge
have what you really want


I would have posted a picture
but it would
just make you want some...

see I was thinking of

thank goodness tomorrow
I will be out

from under
the food temptation

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Caching Hike Photos

Geocaching and the Geocachers I Cache With

There is a hobby I took up with my ex
before he was my ex

It is a high tech treasure hunt
if you are interested in knowing more
go to
and read all about it.

everytime I try to introduce this sport
to a new man in my life
it seems the whole relationship
goes to shit immediately afterwards

Honestly, I don't think it
has anything to do with geocaching
but it is quite disappointing
because there are several things I really like
in regards to geocaching,
which will now be referred to simply
as caching.

For example
I noticed there were several new caches
in the town I am currently in
and the surrounding area
that I have not done.
A few short months ago,
there were very few

I enlisted my 17 year old
to join me on a hike
in the local state park
that has several new caches in it
and two that my ex did with
my son, but that I did not tag along,
and I want to do them for myself.

Now, this child has been sitting
on his backside
most of the summer
and I
I have been walking and
sitting in the sun
for most of the summer

I was equipped with
my hiking shoes
Camelbak full of water
Clif Bars
and a good base tan

he came in his steel toed shoes
one bottle of Dasani
and white

granted he did wear a cap
but he always wears a cap

It had rained the night before
so I didn't know what to expect
when we got there

even though I have a year pass to the parks
in my fair state
I stopped and asked the ranger about the
and trail conditions

the farther back in the park
the more rain they received

so we drive to the one I really want to tackle
the path is a lake (around here)
or a large puddle (where I live now)

so we went to plan B

We found an easy cache
off a well beaten path
and started on my way

Then I began to remember
why I don't esp. enjoy caching
with my youngest
He is all about getting down the path
as quickly as possible
he didn't traverse the
wet clay or puddles well
he complained about the
horse flies
which really liked him
(probably didn't shower recently)

and he left me way behind
until he came to the out cropping
of gypsum in the clay walls
which were really cool looking up close

I didn't see any lizards
which didn't surprise me
because when we started down the path
he practically yelled
and there was a cotton tail right there
I couldn't get the camera in my hand
much less ready to click a picture
before it shot away

it was like trying to be stealthy
with a 5 year old.

It wasn't happening...
and the rest of the hike was the same way.

The first cache we did,
was easy, it was right off the path
it was a cool walk
through a park I have been to
countless times
and yet I had not
seen this part of it before

so caching does take you places you
might not have seen otherwise
which I like

Then after much work to get
the red clay off our shoes
we picked another one to tackle

It was a 4 mile round trip hike
on a running trail.

I am thinking
hmmm running trail
probably pretty flat
and close to the front of the park

Ummm it was dryer
but it was NOT flat
I let the child (yes, like a 5 year old)
carry the gpsr
(global positioning system receiver)
and off we went.

He was so noisy,
still fussing about the flies
and then stuck the gpsr
in his pocket

so when I asked
"How much farther?"
he wouldn't let it reset before
telling me something outrageous

Long story short
We didn't find this cache
We hiked a half mile past it before he figured it out
I found out that I can hike more and
reasonably better than I could 3 months ago

As we were traversing this magnificent
part of the park
I thought of all the caching partners
I have had

You know,
Amused Muse and I cache sometimes
and really it works out fine
we work together
we stay together
we bounce ideas off each other
but we don't have time to get together
to go caching unless we plan it
in advance
and she has others to cache with that
are closer to her

My oldest son is great about
caching with me
he makes sure I can maneuver
over tough terrain
he doesn't just run ahead
like my youngest
or my favorite caching partner
(he isn't my fav because of his caching abilities)
but at times, my oldest doesn't enjoy caching
as much as I do

My ex was an ok caching partner
he tended to bushwhack too much
trying to travel
as the crow flies
instead of thinking of the best
come to think of it
he did that a lot
in other areas too


I like caching
I don't like doing it alone
that is how I messed up my knee

I wish I had a good caching partner
but then again
don't we all...

I am off to do some caching today
with no partner in sight
so it will be a solo trip

but it won't be in the park,
just moseying around town.

If you have questions or
want to know more, just let me know.