Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Years Eve List

Woke up early
Coffee was made
Heel wasn't killing me
Had an "attitude adjustment" last night
that helped with my mood
and so I have big plans
for today

Load up items to take to work
Load up items to take to storage
opening up boxes and repacking them
with items to go to storage
putting away any items to stay here
Lunch with high school friend
cook black eyed peas for tomorrow

and then get ready for a great NYE

Have a great celebration tonight,
Be Safe
Have fun!!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Falling Behind in my plans

I did get things done at school
and even 30 minutes earlier than planned
but it went downhill from there

However, I did
Join a gym
go to a class (cardio)
portion Stew and freeze it
get some well needed sleep
make plans to eat lunch
with two friends from high school
one will be today,
and the other tomorrow.
Read more about BFL

and today
I am not out of bed yet
but I have made an eye dr appt.
for next Tuesday
and now it is time for coffee
and a light breakfast...
(lunch in two hours)
and then working at school
a water class tonight
and hopefully working at home

the sleep did help
the class did not,
my heel is killing me today
part of the reason I haven't gotten started yet today
that and it is cold

have a great day

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Tuesday's List and eval of Monday

Yesterday was
not as productive as I had hoped.
I did get the Elfa emptied
and stuff that was in them "grouped"
I also made the stew
took family heirloom clock to the clock doc
watched a coworkers 4year old for a few hours

The only thing I didn't get done was
any work on the Living room
so it was a good day
and gave me a little bit of down time
that I am going to have to plan into my days

A snowfall was suppose to occur last night
but it hasn't started ....yet...

So... Today
Today I will work at school
putting stuff back in the Elfa
in an organized fashion
and start on filing organization
(will come home by 12)
Then work on the living room
Hoping to get it all done
in time to go listen to some music tonight
The idea
is to get boxes that go to storage
in the car
unpack other boxes of home stuff
that I need here

will probably be a big job
of unpacking and repacking

I have to find my passport
for my trips that I have coming up
so there is greater motivation
than just having a clean livingroom

The cat box is still on the list
sweeping the floors
more cooking of meals for next week
to freeze and save
Have to get going now,
to be at school by 9.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Big List Monday- Organize Drawers at work

Yesterday was busy from 5:30 am til 11:30 pm

I did get the kitchen in much better shape
and my back
and my heels
are feeling it.

The counters are re-arranged
The table is cleaned off
All dishes are clean
Food in the fridge
all laundry is done

doesn't sound like much, but the kitchen took 4 hours
and laundry took 3,
9 loads, washed, dryed folded and put up
I didn't get the stew started
so that is today

Today is work
at work
organizing the elfa drawers
four sets of four
that is a big job,
and a messy one

then this afternoon
home to cook
and work on the living room
and tonight

a little happy hour fun
I am excited about it.

Have a great day

oh.. and I think the only thing
I didn't get done yesterday
was the cat box
so that is on today's list as well

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Sunday is the Kitchen

I was up til past midnight
I got an evening burst of energy
and actually cleaned off the coffee table
which consisted of
putting kitchen condiments
salt, pepper, Mrs. Dash etc
back into the kitchen
going through mail that I had tossed there
gathering up trash
finding a new home for
odd computer cables
wire cutters
tape dispenser
kitchen candles
candle sconces
a set of decorative plates

then wiping down the table
returning one oil lamp
a seashell stained glass "magic wand"
for lack of a better descriptor
and books I am reading
to start my new transformation

I also emptied a spot by the tv
there was a box
full of self help books
of which I will keep a handful
and give the rest away
or sell in a garage sale
so that moved to be by the book shelf

So... I woke up at 5:30
and was wide awake
so this morning
I am going to put up clean dishes
wash remaining dirty ones
clean off the counters
clean the stove top
clean off the kitchen table
which sounds easy
but it is covered with all the things
I don't know what to do with
sweep the floor
clean out the cat box
take out the trash
clean out the car
load laundry in the car
go to the laundromat
and obviously
do my laundry
put up laundry
and then I have plans
to go to dinner
and a movie with a new friend

there might have to be a nap in there

we will see..

Have a great day!!!

ps. still waiting for the NYE date call

Saturday, December 26, 2009

A New Beginning

When I first started this blog
I used it as a way to get my
List of the Day
knowing it would make me feel accountable
because others could read it.

Now, I am returning to that point
for awhile

My list for the next week

Clean and organize the 4 rooms I have in my house
Not an easy chore
each will take a minimum of a day
and the living room will take longer than that

having moved in August
having not packed my own stuff
and figuring out how it was packed
by someone else
and where to put it
or repack it for another time
or get rid of it

I don't know what room I will start with
but I will decide that each morning.

This is in preparation of my new life
that I will start in less than a week.

I have procrastinated for the last several years
and this is the year I have to make
the change of a lifetime

It will be life changing
but first

my list for the week

clean each room of the house
pick a room each morning
give myself two full days for the living room
ask for help with heavy stuff
clean out the car first (guess I know what I am doing tomorrow)
go to laundromat and do laundry (big chore)
make an appointment to get eyes checked
work on my organization at work (2 day minimum)

organize makeup, throw out the old
sweep and mop floor
wipe down counter
organize storage closet

Organize drawers to be more efficient
Clean off dresser and chest
get three lamps in place and working
organize closet
iron and put the bedskirt on the bed

Wash dishes
clean off counters
clean off table (covered in stuff I don't know where to put)
sweep the floor
mop the floor
clean the stove top
organize the pantry

Living room
clean off coffee table
get old tvs out of the house
go through at least 6 boxes that aren't unpacked
Unpack and hang witches balls
set up floor lamps in usable areas
hang pictures
take better care of plants
take clock to clock shop to be fixed
take boxes to storage of things I am not unpacking
sweep and mop floors
set up new bed for Tinkerbell
set up new "potty area" for Tinkerbell

get long "internet cable" to take to living room from bedroom

wow, it is so overwhelming to look at in person
but in a list,
it seems do-able

if I can keep my energy up...

tomorrow I will pick a room in addition to laundry
and the car
and I will let you know what I am doing...

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


It is a wonderful thing

and an awful one as well

My mom died.

My mom died in October. I had just moved to be closer to her, to spend time with her, to help her, and we found out her lung cancer (which she had concealed from me for 7 months) had spread to her brain. We found out one week after I moved to my home town, 100 miles south of where she lived.
We found out on the Friday night after Labor Day, and she died one month later.

It has been two months now, almost to the day.

I still cry daily, sometimes several times.
Over little things, like how she would find something funny, or something she wouldn't find funny, or how ironic life is and something we discussed or laughed about due to the horrific cercumstances of life and death.
I am crying now. Some things you just cannot fathom until they happen to you. I have several friends who have lost their moms, some while I was their friend.... I think I didn't want to fathom what it was like... so I procrastinated..
like your mom should live forever...
well why not, my grandmother outlived my mom, and my mom was 77 years old. So even my mother could not fathom the loss.

So, yes, I procrastinate...

I just moved, or so it seems.. and I don't want to unpack, because I am not wanting to stay here. I moved for her. I came for her, I was here for her....
and now she isn't...
so what do I do? I don't know... I have a good job, I like the people (amazingly) and yet, I can't stand the location. I can't stand the weather, I can't stand the feeling of a lack of civilization (no offense intended, it just isn't a big city)
I haven't unpacked... I know it has been 3 months or a little more... but I have boxes everywhere and live in a state of disarray...
I would love to spend a week to do it, but my health is hindering me, and my mental health tells me I am tired and I should sleep, and my head says... get what you can get done and be happy you made progress...
until I walk into the kitchen and have no space to cook
until I can't sit on the couch for the "stuff" that is on it and has no place to go
until I think about living near the water and enjoying the beach and the salty fresh air
until I am all alone
and wishing I wasn't

I have no support system here,
my co-workers are just that
they don't know me
I don't know them
their lives are full enough
and busy enough
with small children and families

and here I am
when life is suppose to be grand
Children are grown,
parents are gone,
I am free to do as I please, when I please and with who I please...

yet I am procrastinating

I don't know when I will start,
but I have a feeling
that as soon as I do
my children will decide to have children of their own
and I will have less freedom than ever before...