Friday, September 05, 2008

I Miss Writing

First dull and low and
then louder and louder
until my arm
as if by it's own memory
emerges from the covers
and moved toward the noise
instruction my hand to tell
my index finger to push the button
not once
or twice
but Three, count'em 3 times

and then my arm retreats
back under the covers
as I lay in a fetal position
with my arms bent and crossed
in front of me
and I slowly slip back
into a deep sleep....

the wretched sound is back
and this time it means business
my arm flails out from under the covers
and flips the switch
there is no safety net now
my body emerges from its cocoon
and trudges toward the shower
another day
filled to the brim
and as I go through my day
my thoughts return often to the idea

I need to write about the stingray bite
but when?
can I still insert a picture?
do I remember how?

I need to write about my son
and how that is changing
right before my eyes
but when?
when am I not exhausted
and have time to write?

I need to write about the instant
recall of a love gone wrong with one
small simple trinket that once meant so much.

I need to write about my mom
and how one of her old flames looked her up
and now she is as giddy as a school girl
at 76.... it never changes
when he doesn't call
she is still just as sad as if she were 15

I just need to write
I miss it
I miss the blog friends who hardly ever come by
I miss going by to see others
but right now

right now
I have to attend to my job
my health
and getting my rest

for you see,
my body is changing
my mind is growing
and I need to take care of me
so today
as late as it was
and as tired as I am
I sat down and wrote
to make me feel better
and now that I am
a bit better
I must go

and I will be back
as soon as possible...