Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Falling Behind in my plans

I did get things done at school
and even 30 minutes earlier than planned
but it went downhill from there

However, I did
Join a gym
go to a class (cardio)
portion Stew and freeze it
get some well needed sleep
make plans to eat lunch
with two friends from high school
one will be today,
and the other tomorrow.
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and today
I am not out of bed yet
but I have made an eye dr appt.
for next Tuesday
and now it is time for coffee
and a light breakfast...
(lunch in two hours)
and then working at school
a water class tonight
and hopefully working at home

the sleep did help
the class did not,
my heel is killing me today
part of the reason I haven't gotten started yet today
that and it is cold

have a great day

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