Thursday, June 10, 2010

My Dream Job

Doors are opening and life is incredible

I have been offered my dream job

and I am very excited about it. 

Of course there is so much going on right now

that it is difficult for others to get excited

with me, 

when his car was totaled by his nephew

the night before I got the job offer. 

So I have been doing the happy dance for 

over 5 days, and getting more excited by the minute.

I will be moving back to the Alamo City

and I am excited about that

My Man says he will be moving with me

as was the plan regardless of where my next job took me.

I have been cautious and not certain he will move.

However, the last few days, with our trip to meet 

his family (parents, siblings, youngest daughter)

in a very fine Yankee State full of history of our nation, 

looming and the excitement growing

he has talked of not much else but our move.

His spirits are high, and so are mine.

Have I told you I got my dream job?

Have I told you how excited I am?

Now I have to go pack for our two week 

trip "home" to yankeeville.

1 comment:

Walker said...

You sounds ummmm excited...

Yankee-ville, gezz.

I remember when a Texas gal called me a foreign yankee.
I guess You'all have a Yankee thing going on eh.

Congrats on the dream job.
You deserve it and I hope all goes well with your man and the move.