Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Men, Sand and Oceans

I try my best to understand men.

Especially the one I have in my life. 

Just when I think I have a handle on it

He makes it clear I am mistaken

What I know and understand about men

in general, not just one man

could easily fill a grain of sand

with no overflow or spillage.

What I don't understand about men

is as wide and deep as the Ocean Blue.

Why do you write things in third person?

So you can say you didn't mean you?

Why do you lash out, apologize and then let us stew

and say you apologized so it is done, finished, over?

When I am still reeling and hurt, and the apology was like

a side note. 

I really don't understand.

How do I believe you love me

when you say I think too much

and I ask too many questions

and you aren't always in the mood to kiss. 

I do that, when with a guy I don't really love

and have to muster the strength to stand a kiss.

I ask questions to better understand you.

I think of everything going on and the paths it can all take

because I want to be prepared. 

Prepared to respond positively in any situation, 

and if caught off guard, I won't be. 

Yes, that ocean of MeNotUnderstandingMen

is a vast, wild body of water

and I am not sure I will ever sail it's waters 

from the IWantToKnow Shore to the 

ShoreOf Understanding

but I have the determination to put my skiff in the water

and hope the sea doesn't swallow me up.


Walker said...

If you understood it, you would be bored and out looking for something else to confuse you.
Each is different yet the same.

I can't say i understand women because they all want something different yet the want is the same.

Men don;t like to dwell.
Women need answers.

I guess the best you can do is understand what you can and make as much ground as you could and be happy you have as much as you can get.

Bennu said...

Thanks Walker... going back a reading this I see how frustrated I was at the time, and now I am better... but I still don't understand and I am happy, just frustrated at times, aren't we all?