Monday, March 29, 2010

When You Least Expect It

A man walked in

A man walked into

A man walked into my life

and I hope he never walks out.

I didn't expect it

I didn't see it coming

I thought it would be

a fun filled weekend

at the beach

with a newly met companion

at the pirate bar

that would end when the weekend ended

he had other ideas

he wanted to see where things would go

he called me his girlfriend two weeks later

and this month,

this month

he asked me to move

he asked me to move in with him

he asked me to move

to another town to live with him...

It was a big decision

a difficult decision

because I wanted to make sure

I wanted to make sure

it was the best decision

for me

for him

for us...

so this summer,

I am moving again

to live with a man

a man I am falling in love with

and I am looking forward

to us
to us....
building a life together


Walker said...

That's great.
I'm beginning to think you like moving you've moved so many times.

Bennu said...

actually Walker, I abhor it, and I know I have at least one more after this one, and will be glad when there are no more moves...

Happy Easter.

Cary said...

Good for deserve love and happiness..I hope it's forever..